Monday, October 30, 2006

Florida Goalies in Blood Feud?

1) We here at FAUXRUMORS had been hearing some interesting scuttle- butt about the 2 Florida Panther goalies. Apparently Alex Auld and Ed Belfour didn't hit it off too well in September and things have soured since then

2) We're told that Eddie the Eagle came into camp acting very cocky, portraying himself to his teammates and media as the #1 goalie, when that position was very much in doubt. Auld for his part also came to camp as a new Panther, and assumed the position of top goalie was up for grabs, but was his to lose.

3) We didn't think this story was worth mentioning until now, since apparently things have sunk to the point where it is alleged, and even reported in a Miami paper, that Belfour struck Auld in a drunken tirade in their team hotel. Though Belfour wanted to portray it as a team prank, sources close to the Panthers say its unlikely that Auld would be involved in anything jocular if Belfour was also involved

4) Reports on the scene say that an unsteady Belfour approached Auld in the hotel bar. Words were exchanged and witnesses saw Auld' go down hard'. Police and emergency vehicles were dispatched to the Garden City Hotel, where the incident occurred. Auld was transported to the hospital for care which included several stitches above his right eye brow. He was released and rejoined the team afterwards

5) Team officials have avoided comment on this or any other past incidents among these two. Belfour has a checkered past. Especially when it comes to alcohol. One may recall a run in with police in Dallas where the inebriated Stars goalie offered the responding officers a 'billion dollars' if they would let him go. He was subsequently Maced in the face to apprehend and arrest him.We will stay on this story as it develops

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