Thursday, October 26, 2006

Snow Job!

1) First the bad news, we're stranded in Denver! Well, not really, but our flight to Vancouver has been delayed. So we'll use this time to discuss yesterdays festivities.

2) We all had a great time! The pre game tailgating was a load of fun. In addition to the Connors, Baileys and Nagles, we also were happy/surprised to be joined by our fellow blogger, Antzmarching who says will post their own account of last night.

3) The game was great! Well, unless you were an Avalanche fan. The Caps came out and played a perfect road game. Killed a 2 minute 2 man disadvantage which seemed to be the turning point. From a phone call we received during the game, apparently we were on TV for brief moments as they panned across the crowd. Our seats were awesome. The Pepsi Center rocks! Beautiful arena, all the services are top rate! The fans in Denver know their hockey and are very passionate. Especially showing their love when Joe Sakic scored his historic 1,500th point

4) Hopefully we'll get out of here by this afternoon. We would love to be able to spend some time in Vancouver before tomorrows game. The weather here is weird. It was spring like yesterday, winter like now, and its supposed to be in the 60's again tomorrow! Go figure!

5) Anyway wanted to touch base with all of you to let ya know what was happening. Looking forward to seeing as big a response in the Pacific NW. See all of ya then!

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