Friday, October 6, 2006

Penguins Moving North?

1) FAUXRUMORS is being told by folks with information, that the sale of the Penguins to Jim 'Blackberry' Balsillie is the first step to bring the franchise north of the border. Balsillie, a successful Canadian business man, is headquartered in Hamilton Ontario, long a rumored NHL destination.

2) We're hearing despite all the 'nice talk' last evening with the Pittsburgh media, Balsillie's real intention is to either have a lucrative arena built in Pittsburgh, where he would control all the revenue streams(unlikely) or move the team to an undisclosed location, obstensively to Canada.

3) We're told to not believe what you're hearing from the NHL front office either. That the NHL would NOT mind seeing the Penguins move north if it meant that it would increase overall revenues (Which any NHL franchise in Canada would)

4) With the team on the cusp of contention, possessing some of the best, most exciting young talent in the league, where ever the Penguins might land would be an instant hit with the fans. Unlike some of the past expansion franchises in the sun belt where fans needed to be taught to love hockey, no such problem would exist north of the border.

5) Additionally with the exchange rate now more on par, any/all franchises in the Great White North are now on better financial footing now than they were a decade ago.This has a very high probability one source told FAUXRUMORS last night. Its certainly far from a 100% certainty, but a lot closer than it was only 48 hours ago. By the new year we should know where the Pens will be moving, if anywhere.

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