Thursday, October 5, 2006

Its Quiet...Too Quiet?

1) We have discussed at length the Devil's/Lamarello situation enough here at FAUXRUMORS, and we heard that many GM's aren't too happy with what Lou did, but what we here at FAUXRUMORS is most surprised at with this situation is what we're NOT hearing. That is not a peep from the NHLPA!
2) Why, you ask would they care? Well in the "new NHL" cap world there is a fixed amount of money that the league can spend as a whole on players (54% of revenue). Now in this case 7.1 million is on the books as being spent on players salaries, yet no team is actually spending the money (Mogilny and Malakhov are not playing)
3) It is a zero sum game so that means there is less REAL money available for the players who ARE playing, and the owners can claim this as 'spent', without spending the money. Any wonder why Gary Bettman has been so quiet on this issue?
4) Where is Ted Saskin? Well, if what we're told is correct he's so far up Bettman's ass that he probably isn't aware that this happened.Anyway, as always keep it here for all the latest news, rumors and unique hockey discussion found no where else!

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