Thursday, October 12, 2006

Just a Bit of BackGround

1) Sorry we didn't use the discussed numbered format in our initial posting. ; )
2) Anyway, we wanted to introduce ourselves to the readers here. We at FAUXRUMORS2 will offer we believe another perspective to the blog. We have been readers of the site from almost day 1. We had been posting under another name before. This will remain undisclosed for our protection. ; )
3) Readers will most likely see a slight difference in the tones we use as opposed to the original founders, in that we hold no punches. We have been told we can be abrasive (rarely abusive unless provoked!) in our tone. We won't apologize for this. Its our style, get used to it!
4) We may occasionally be controversial in some of our observations. We're unafraid to take the heat when we may take an unpopular stand. Believe it when we say, we're immovable in our beliefs! We will listen to all sides, yes, but we will not easily be swayed by emotion
5) That all said we're happy to be here! Feel free and write us at look forward to hearing from you there as well as on the FAUXRUMORS blogs.

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