Tuesday, October 24, 2006

How 'Rumors Work

1) I won't presume to speak for FAUXRUMORS as they are on-route to Colorado as we speak. However we, FAUXRUMORS2, would like to clarify for some of our readers how we believe a 'rumors' site works.

2) Let us add that this site is much more than that with its unique trend setting in-site, irreverent humor, interesting discussion and thought provoking polls

3) For each trade consummated each year there are probably about 100 deals discussed among GM's and never completed. Sometimes a trade is proposed, or player offered simply to assess his value on the market for later deals. Sometimes for contractual reasons a player agent gets involved into the negotiations. We have found this is when many rumors are started as they are much more likely to talk with friends/media than the average GM will.

4) We have even known of cases where an agent simply made up a trade rumor in an effort to aid his client. What this all boils down to is that we will continue relay what our voluminous sources relay to us (As FAUXRUMORS did yesterday with the Ranger-Coyote rumor), with the disclaimer that just because a deal is discussed doesn't mean it will happen.

5) However unlike the 'pay sites' like Eklund and Hockey Leaks, we receive NOTHING from our readers in way of compensation. We feel this clears us to only report actual rumors NOT make up stories to mollify our 'customers', as we have NONE.As we say: Keep it here for all the latest! Including a story from FAUXRUMORS from The Pepsi Center Tomorrow!

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