Thursday, October 26, 2006

In Cow-Town!

1) Well, thanks to all our loyal readers to stick with us here. We’ve been quite crazy busy with this very ambitious road trip to 30 NHL Cities before 2007. We didn’t think it would be this arduous to travel, but already its been lets say, a challenge

2) We won’t go into the details, but suffice to say its been interesting. A special bit of thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Towski for a trip to the airport in Edmonton after our alluded to travel problem. They along with Max Kramer, Jerry Genova, Pete and Cecile Donaldson, were among the tail gaiters before the Edmonton game.

3) Just a note about Vancouver. We know we didn’t get a chance to remark on that part of the trip. Lets us say that Vancouver has to be one of the most amazing cities. We definitely could see moving here. Weather is very temperate, and city clean, and folks very hospitable. The fans there knew there hockey and like the other cities thus far are very passionate about their team

4) We’re looking forward to our visit to Calgary today. We are going to do some sight seeing but won’t bore all of you with that. As for hockey it appears at least one of our predictions/sources was correct in predicting the imminent signing of Perrault in Phoenix. We feel this is a desperation move, and wouldn’t be surprised to see more such moves in the up coming weeks.

5) There appears to be more chatter among teams as we head into November. Some teams are disappointed with their clubs records early on realizing that getting too far behind early can be the kiss of death in the spring. Therefore we may start to see some moves. However the salary cap will be an issue for many of these teams, so movement may not be as significant as it may have been pre-cap As always keep it here for all the latest, even as we travel around North America!! : )

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