Thursday, November 8, 2007

What We're Hearing Today

1) As it was last year, there were few real trade talks among GM's the first month of the season as teams' assessed their strengths/weaknesses early on in the season. However, we are hearing from various sources though out the league that several GM's have initiated discussions that could result in our first meaningful trade this season

2) So who are we hearing about? Firstly the easy stuff. The rumors that have already been circulated that we are hearing are total nonsense:

  • Any trade by LA where Alexander Frolov is involved. Yes, the King's GM Lombardi would love to upgrade his goaltending, but as we at FAUXRUMORS mentioned in a post called shopping-for-goalies that the number of quality available goalies are few and very far between at this time.

  • The Ed Jovonovski to the Rangers rumors just won't go away, but anyone with an ounce of gray matter could see the Rangers don't have the cap space and amazingly their problems aren't on defense, its scoring

  • Derek Morris is NOT going to the Flyers! Unlike his predecessor, Paul Holmgren can be trusted when he says something. If Clark said this then we'd say a trade is imminent!

  • Marion Hossa- At this time do NOT expect the Thrashers to deal the Slovakian super star. They are slowly climbing their way out of their self inflicted hole, and unless they again fall, we are hearing Wadell will make every effort to retain Hossa

3) So here are some potential deals we are hearing about that have merit. Some have been reported in other publications, some are FAUXRUMORS exclusives!

  • Ed Belfour- Yes, the same Eddie the Eagle we thought was now long gone. Well, apparently he is still in the thoughts of some GM's. We found out late last night/early this morning that penguin GM Ray Shero is fed up with the inconsistent play of his tandem so he contacted Belfour's agent to check his availability of a December return. No word what the reply was. That would be an interesting development, indeed!

  • Michael Ryder- His scoring inconsistency has always frustrated the Hab's brass, but getting off to a slow start and being a UFA after this season, has put the Canadian forward and former Calder runner-up on the trade block. So who's been calling? Lou Lamarello would love to get his hands on Ryder. Unfortunately Gainey would prefer to deal him to a western team unless Lou comes up with a very sweet offer. A well informed source has exclusively told us that the Canucks "are poised to package a player, pick(s) and possibly a prospect for Ryder".

  • Ilya Bryzgalov- Bryan Burke's patience for his team is wearing thin already. He uncharacteristically has kept his displeasure to himself but that won't continue. Though no trade of their back up appears to be imminent, he for the first time has taken calls and had discussions to lay possible ground work for a later deal. Burke would prefer to wait until after the Christmas trade freeze, but if the Ducks continue to suck, he may be forced to deal away his valuable trade chip sooner. Possible trade partners are too numerous to mention. TB in the East and Colorado in the West have been well publicized/rumored destinations. The aforementioned Penguins and the TB sextets would love to get their hands on him!

  • Raffi Torres- It appears Oiler GM Kevin Lowe is ready to cut bait with the enigmatic power forward. He is on pace for a 30 point season. Some teams will certainly take a long look at Raffi. He's only 26 and plays with a decided edge.

  • Ladislav Nagy- Though it may be difficult to find a taker, Dean Lombardi is apparently searching for a possible trade partner for the Czech who is making 3.75 mil and on pace to score a meager 15 goals this year

  • Pavol Demitra- A definite problem for the Wild. They'd love to retain the Slovak sniper, but his UFA status and likely asking price of 5+ mil might make him difficult to retain, so we're hearing that Doug Risbrough has made him available, but for the right price. Don't expect a deal tomorrow, but Pavol certainly would/could be the bait used by the Wild to add to their roster before the deadline

  • J.P. Dumont- Has been a bit of a disappointment for the Preds. On pace to score less than 20. set to become a UFA and it appears Nashville doesn't intend on retaining his services so expect the silly trade rumors to the Canadians to commence! If those don't occur, a return to the Esst is a likly destination perhaps sooner rather than later

  • Miroslav Satan- The once very dangerous RW tripled his season out put with 2 including the GWG this past Saturday, and added yet another game winner Tuesday night. Stil, at 4.5 mil he is hardly worth his salary thus far. His current hot streak may be just the right time to deal him as his worth may have escalated. As we saw last year the Isles are not shy about making fall trades.

4) Trouble in DC? Well as we exclusively reported this summer super star Russian LW Alex Ovechkin is not happy with his contract status. He up till now has avoided ripping the team in public, but his agent (his parents) are not very happy with the run around they have received up till now. With the signing of fellow Russian, Alex Semin to a long term deal, it seems silly that the Caps would wait to lock up their franchise player. The Penguins and Crosby got their deal done last spring!

5) The longer the Caps wait, the harder feeling may get, and the asking price could become the cap maximum. Putting the team in a precarious situation. They would have to give AO whatever he asks. If he's paid 9+ mil, it would put a crimp into their plans to build a winner in DC, and if negotiations get even more acrimonious it could make it less likely that Ovechkin would choose to stay in DC once he can become an UFA, in 4 short years from now.


Trotz19 said...

I can't see Snow dealing away Miro after the way he's looked for us the last few games. He's been one of our best forwards.
Hey faux did you read where Blake is missing playing on LI? I only wish him well, but I knew he'd regret his decision to play in Toronto

Silas said...

Trots Blake isn't scoring a ton of goals, but he's been one of our better players. I don't see anyone wanting Satan anyways. He's over paid and a stiff

shuck-a-luck said...

I will send you a billion dollars if any of these rumors come true.

Where do you make this stuff up from?

You have tiny microphones in every gm's office?


1) OK one at a time: Trotz: We didn't say a trade was imminent, but that the Isles would like to deal Satan and now that his value is higher it would be easier
2) Silas: First we want to wish Blake a speedy recoery from his ilness. he has gone like 8 games without a goal. That isn't missed by a media that thinks a 1 game losing streak is the end of the world. Blake will be just fine.
3) Shuck: Long time no see, or maybe your Ed Belfour? He's the one who usually offers billion dollar bribes!. LOL Anyway, we are comfortable with our sources and stick with what we wrote. We'll send ya an address to mail the check(s) ; )

oilcanner said...

OK, I'll play along. So who is Lowe asking for Torres? Is he gonna package him with Tarnstrom?

Lyle said...

Most of those listed rumors are either absurd or been listed elsewhere. The Ovechkin story was alluded to in today's Washington post


1)Oil: You bring up an interesting idea. We have read about Tarnstrom's possible availability. Of course it remains to be seen if a GM who wants Torres would also want Dick
2) Lyle: We DO mention that some of the rumors are already out there. We tried to give a service to our readers by de-bunking some of them. Amazingly another popped out of Eklund today. A Jagr trade rumor! LOL
3) Anyway, we stand by what we wrote. Certainly we never said any deal was about to go down, just that several players have been discussed and a trade is far more likely today than it was a month or so ago.

vakfan said...

Nagy is a slovak. And he is ridiculously overpaid. Eddie Belfour? Holy grasscarp! Is he running out of booze in Sweden?


1) Thanks for the heads up on Nagy. Seems Slovaks are a bit over represented on our list! LOL

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