Thursday, November 15, 2007

Today's Slate of Games

1) We take a decent hot streak into tonight's action of 9 games:

Toronto vs-Boston: Bruins

Buffalo vs-Ottawa: Senators( Tonight's Lock)

Washington vs- Florida: Panther

Minnesota vs-Edmonton: Wild

Anaheim vs-Los Angeles : Kings

NY Rangers vs- Philadelphia: Flyers

NY Islanders vs-Pittsburgh: Penguins

Chicago vs-Nashville: Preditors

San Jose vs-Phoenix : Shark

2) We're told that FR2 is compiling their latest Power rankings. It should be out by the weekend. Look for it!


Antzmarching said...

Antz' Pix:

1. Boston
2. Ottawa
3. Washington
4. Minnesota
5. Anaheim
6. Philadelphia
7. Pittsburgh
8. Nashville
9. San Jose


1) Well the results are in. We at FAUXRUMORS had another excellant night, going 7-2 including our 'Lock'.This brings our season to 60-43 for an impressive winning % of .582, and 9-2 for 'locks' for an incredible .818!
2) Antz also went 7-2, to go 41-31 boosting his winning to .569. Look for our next round of picks tomorrow night when 10 games are set.


1) We are told by FR2 that their Power rankings are done and should be up to review sometime this morning. Look for it!

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