Saturday, November 3, 2007

What's on Tap Tonight?

1) We at FAUXRUMORS take our 33-31 season record into tonights 11 big games.

Florida vs-Carolina : Hurricanes (Tonights Lock)

Pittsburgh vs-NY Islanders: Penguins

Boston vs- Ottawa: Senators

Calgary vs-Minnesota: Wild

Vancouver vs-Colorado: Avalanche

San Jose vs- Los Angeles Sharks

Toronto vs- Montreal Maple leafs

New Jersey vs-NY Rangers Rangers

Atlanta vs- Tampa Lightning

Chicago vs-St. Louis Blues

Anaheim vs-Phoenix Ducks


Antzmarching said...

20 wins and 13 losses on the line:

Florida v. Carolina - Hurricanes
Pittsburgh v. Islanders - Penguins
Boston v. Ottawa - Sens
Calgary v. Minnesota - Flames
Vancouver v. Colorado - Avalanche
San Jose v. LA - Sharks
New Jersey v. Rangers - Rangers
Atlanta v. Tampa Bay - Thrashers
Toronto v. Montreal - Canadiens
Chicago v. St. Louis - Black Hawks
Anaheim v. Phoenix - Dux


1) Northing like a 7-4 night to bouey your winning percentage. Last night's performance takes FAUXRUMORS to 40-35 for a winning % of .533
2) Antz was also 7-4, abetit with different winning games for a total of 27-17 for .613
3) Our lockof the Night was again successful for the 7of 8th time for a % of .875!

Antzmarching said...

Thanks for keeping track for me, Faux... Its a VERY hard earned .613 - this is fun, but I reiterate, its extremely difficult to figure out regular season hockey games... I look forward to the next night of selections...

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