Monday, November 12, 2007

Full Time Over Time?

1) There has been a move about by some folks who want to see an improved game to make the 4 on 4 we see in the 5 minute over time into a permanent rule. Many 'purists"- whatever that means- are of course against this idea.

2) So what are potential positives, negatives and likely opposition to this huge change? First the Positives

  • It already has a proven track record of exciting hockey. Since the inception of 4-4 OT, hockey fans have been treated to a fast paced, usually[more] wide open game than we see 5-5. To us, the subsequent shoot out is anticlimactic after such a display

  • We prefer it over other ideas such as making the nets wider, or other silly, poorly conceived ideas that ultimately ruin the flow/integrity of the game

  • It saves money! A team could dress 2-3 fewer players and save at least about 1-2 million. Usually those are jobs held by marginal NHL/AHL level talents anyway. They wouldn't be missed

3) Next the possible negatives:

  • Its never been tried before for long stretches so would there be an increase in injuries?

  • Would this test the endurance of the players? Doing this for a couple of shifts is one thing, but to do it every night would an entirely new situation for them.

  • Would the players, as they have with the recent Bettman rules changes, simply adjust to the change and eventually things would become as stagnant scoring wise as they are now(Scoring is down to pre-lockout levels so far this season)

  • The NHLPA would either reject this out of hand OR ask for a significant counter-concession from the NHL. That might be in the form of increasing the players' fixed % of revenue from the current 54.5%

4) We at FAUXRUMORS believe this idea has merit, but are not yet ready for its full implementation of this radical idea until significant further study is done to see if in fact it does work. Like some of the other now used NHL rules, it should be tried in the AHL for a period of time to see how it affects the game and how it is received by the fans. If it seems to be working there, why not institute for The Show'?

5)After all we have been hearing how the players are bigger and stronger. So why not create some additional room for them to display their world class skills? We at FAUXRUMORS would find this change much less offensive than the other proposed and already implemented changes such as changing the size of the nets, and the silly shapes painted on the ice to coral goalie movement

6) To review some of the rule changes that FAUXRUMORS has already advocated to improve the game. ( FR2 did a post a year ago where they listed some of these ideas-

  • Allow Full goalie movement, but once they leave their crease treat them like any other skater. Can be body checked, etc. You'll see far less wandering without silly shapes painted on the ice.
  • Penalties should run to completion. Like it was before the Habs of the 1950's, penalties lasted until the time ran out, not if a goal was scored.
  • League contraction. No, this will NEVER happen, but it should. Too much dilution of the star players and too many lesser talents making up teams' rosters. We'd reduce the league to 25 teams and the 5 eliminated would barely be noticed by their anemic fan bases. Who? OK, we'll go ON the record and say: Fla, Nashville, Phoenix, Washington, New Jersey.
  • Eliminate the instigator rule! We feel the recent increase in checking/stick injuries can be traced to the reduction in fighting. No longer are players in fear that they may have to pay for their 'indiscretions'. Plus, fighting sells! Sorry if that fact offends the limp-wristed among us.



I like some of the other suggestions. I like OT 4 on 4 but I don't think it would work full time. I would love it if they allowed guys to hit the wandering goalie. I hate when I see Holmstrom slow down when a goalie is playing the puck away from him while 20 feet from his crease.

stevens8204 said...

Sorry that idea will never fly with either the league or the players. No way the players go for that. It cost them jobs and they have to work harder. The league isn't gonna tinker with the game to that degree. They will bring in bigger nets before that

T. Lloyd said...

I'm happy with the way the game is being played now. My Bruins are playing exciting hockey this year. Why would I want to change that? By the way, anyone want Murray? You can have him cheap! A bag of pucks will do.


1) Its early, but looks like the idea of 4-4 isn't a fast hit. To clarify, we aren't advocating this change now, but think it should be investigated fully
2) We believe the other suggestions should be instituted immeadiatly.
3) Lloyd: Glen Murray is safe in Beantown. Not only is he not producing and making 4.1 mil, he's set to make that AGAIN next season!!! He's untouchable! Providence here we come!

Antzmarching said...

Faux, I have to agree with Stevens on this one - jobs will be lost! Too much red tape to make this happen, so I think its worthy of discussion, but nontheless, a moot point...

I like some of YOUR ideas to make the game more watchable for the casual hockey fans... I love the "hit the wandering goalie" rule... Rick DiPietro needs his bell rung once in a while... Also, power plays to completion makes A LOT of sense to me...

Good post, Faux, but I hope the 4 on 4 scenario goes away...


You fellas are also forgetting that many teams couldn't survive such a change. I mean we'd probably do better here in Edmonton with our speedy skaters, but it would hurt other teams that rely on other methods to win. yes, thats true even in the new nhl

T. Lloyd said...

We all are resigned to have to keep Muray and hope he comes around. The bright side is we're doing pretty well over here even without his production. I haven't readanywhere that they will send him down. They wil probably try like hell to deal him at the deadline and next summer. If he's still here next fall then I could see him demoted to created space


1) Antz: We agree 4-4 is a long shot, BUT we'd prefer that attempted over bigger nets! BTW, DiPietro has already had his 'bell rung' on more than one occasion. Any more concussions and his career could be in jeopardy
2) Police: Your assessment is true, and why we think 4-4 might be a good idea as it would force teams to skate and reduce the 'mucking' and open things up (increase scoring)
3) Lloyd: True enough on Murray. we haven't heard a whiff on anything regarding interest from other teams. Unless they change the CBA rules and allow teams to trade/eat some of the contract, Murray is a Bruin (Boston or Providence) all season

oilcanner said...

I agree with my fellow Oiler fan Police squad. I think the Oilers would be one team that a change to 4 aside would help a great deal. Thug teams like the Ducks would sink even lower than they are now. I'd love to see it!

Rogo said...

I don't wanna speak outta turn here boys but some of us old timers think that the game is just fine the way its played now. I mean Jiminy crickets 4 bloody skaters against 4? If i wanted to see the dam ice capades thats what i'd buy tickets for. For Christs sake enough of all these dam changes

Victor said...

So was this your idea or did you actually hear or read this from somewhere? I haven't heard anything about this until here today.
I'm not sure I'd want to change the game so radiclly. I like the idea of team contraction, but wouldn't want my team to be lost. We've never won yet, but we support our team well.


1) Wow the questions/comments continue:
Oil: Yes, we agree that GM's would face a challenge to adjust the way they build/draft their teams if they went to the 4-4 format. Faster skating teams would initially benefit, but others would quickly catch on
2) Rogo: As always your opinions are welcomed. We disagree though that 4-4 would necessarily be just a skating display. We have seen some intense/hard hitting 4-4 action through the years. But again, we'd like to see this tried in the minors to see how it works full time before bringing it to the Bigs
3) Victor: Its been an idea that some in the league have contemplated for some time. It was not going to be tried either just before or just after the lockout, but now that scoring has failed to increase they are once again kicking the idea around. Notice Victor we didn't include your team in our proposed 5 team contraction. Columbus despite never making the playoffs have supported their team.

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