Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Today's Choices

1) We attempt to try to rebound from our recent funk with tonight's 9 games.

St. Louis vs-Buffalo: Sabres

Dallas vs-New Jersey: Stars

Florida vs-Washington : Capitals

Tampa Bay vs-Chicago: Black Hawks

Los Angeles vs-San Jose: Sharks

Philadelphia vs-Carolina : Hurricane

Ottawa vs-NY Islanders : Senators

Phoenix vs-Minnesota : Coyotes

Edmonton vs-Colorado: Avalanche (Tonight's Lock)


Antzmarching said...

Ok, I haven't done this in a while, as I was on hiatus in Europe... Here goes:

St. Louis v. Buffalo - Sabres
Dallas v. NJ - Devils
Florida v. Washington - Caps
TB v. Chicago - Black Hawks
LA v. SJ - Sharks
Phil v. Carolina - Hurricanes
Ottawa v. NYI - Senators
Phoenix v. Minnesota - Wild
Edmonton v. Colorado - Avs


1) Lets see an airline ticket/hotel bill to prove that Antz! LOL


1) Another night another series of OT/SO losses! (As an aside, anyone watch what seemed like the hour long shoot out in DC? Were any of the 10 fans who went still there at the end? It didn't look like it. 4-4 OT is exciting, shootouts are excruciating!
2) Anyway, back to the carnage: W went a season worst 2-7 last evening. At least we salvaged our Lock of the night. Our season % is now .524 and overall record at 76-69. Our Locks are still an impressive 11-4 for a % of .733
3) Antz faired slightly better going 4-5 on the evening for a season total of 45-36 and winning % of .555
4) Our next attempt to figure this out will be Saturday night when an even dozen games will be contested!

Antzmarching said...

LOL! Firstly Faux, my recent vacation was courtesy of another in my party - I would never be so bold so as to ask him for a copy of his financial records... That's quite funny, actually...

Secondly, 4-5 is never anything to be proud of... I can't really figure this stuff out either - once again, being over .500 is an accomplishment, I suppose...

murph said...

Isles 3 Senators 2.

Stop betting against Ted Nolan.


1) You are probably right Murph, but its hard to bet against Ottawa no matter who they are playing(in the East)
2) Hopefully your boys didn't expend all their energy last night and give us a good game against the BlueShirts (minus Avery) tonight!

Stacy Schnall said...

We get no respect. I like it that way. i bet we go in and beet them rangerks up good tonite. i wish that someone wuld smack that avory guy. he's a jirk!

Antzmarching said...

Still looking good, Stac... Yes Murph, you are correct, Ted is a winner... I just hope he gets another "W" tonight...

Stacy Schnall said...

Thanx fur the complamint ant but you aint gonna get with me no how.

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