Saturday, November 17, 2007

On Tonight's Play Bill

1) Firstly, we want to thank FR2 for their excellent(as always) Power rankings. They also tell us that they are working on a post listing their current as well as an all time hated team. We're told to look for it sometime early next week.

2) Anyway, we at Fauxrumors risk our recent winning streak with tonight's NHL program of 10 contests

Phoenix vs-Los Angeles : Kings

Florida vs-Carolina: Hurricanes ( Tonight's Lock)

New Jersey vs-Philadelphia : Flyers

NY Rangers vs-Pittsburgh : Rangers

Calgary vs-Edmonton :Flames

Chicago vs-Detroit: Red Wings

Boston vs-Montreal: Canadians

Ottawa vs-Toronto:Maple Leafs

St. Louis vs-Nashville : Predators

Anaheim vs-San Jose: Shark

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1) Firstly fantastic story by FR2 on the Bryzgalov situation. We were as surprised as any of you to read this. Great work !
2)As for the results last night: Not one of our better night for picks. We went 5-5 on the night. To bring our season totals to 65-48 for a still respectable .575 winning %.
3)We continued our mastery in our 'locks', now going to an amazing 10-2 for a .833 winning %
4) Next up for our picks will be Wednesday when 11 games will be decided. Also look for another great post from FR2 sometime early this week!

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