Saturday, November 24, 2007

Todays Games

1) We take on tonight's 12 big games hoping to get back on track to our previous winning ways. No gimmes on the docket this evening, but we'll give our best shot as well as our usually safe 'Lock of the Night!'

Buffalo vs-Montreal : Canadians

Philadelphia vs-Ottawa : Senators (Lock of the Night!)

Carolina vs-Washington: Capitals

Detroit vs- Columbus : Red Wings

New Jersey vs-Tampa Bay Lightning

Chicago vs-Edmonton Oilers

Boston vs-NY Islanders Islanders

Calgary vs-Colorado Avalanche

Toronto vs-Phoenix: Coyotes

Atlanta vs-Pittsburgh Penguins

Minnesota vs-Nashville: Predators

Los Angeles vs-San Jose : Sharks


usually frustrated caps fan said...

I'd have picked the Lightning over the Deveils as the lock of the night. Also I'd go with Atlanta over the Pens. Nice blog post Thursday. What did you think of the Caps win over the Flyers thought. To me Flyers - Sens tonight is a toss-up.


1) Firstly, sorry for the delay in this update. A combo of malfunction/glitches as well as prior npn-faux commitments dealyed this response.
2) Frustrated: Guess you were right about the Flyers and wrong about the Devils(as were we). We belive ethe Hanlon firing was about 2-3 weeks over due. Time will tell, but that may have cost you folks a chance at the post season
3) Now, as for our night Saturday: The carnage continues with a 5-7 night and for the first time we lost our lock twice in a row. Bringing our season winning %'s to 74-62 for .544. Our Locks now at 10-4 for .714
4) We are told that Fauxrumors2 will finally be publishing their Most hated teams some time today. Look for it!

Antzmarching said...

Faux, I have on holiday the last few days, so I apologize that my pix have been AWOL lately... I will put my 41-31 record on the line the next big night of games... See you then...

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