Monday, October 22, 2007

Shopping For Goalies

1) The title part of this post should come as no surprise to most who follow the NHL regularly. Several teams are already searching for someone to be their starter (LA) or looking for a competent backup (Pitt, Calgary, Phoenix, SJ, Edmonton, etc) As one can see that's a pretty long list and the number of available goalies is too small to satisfy this. In fact currently we can only see a couple of goalies, as a possible trade upgrade as a starter. Here is that short list.

  • Ilya Bryzgalov- Has proven to be a more than adequate back up to Giguere. Filling in as the starter on several occasions with very good results. The question would be what would the Ducks ask for him. Would they trade him to a team in their division or conference? If we were Burke we'd hold on to him to at least the deadline as insurance. He's an UFA after this year.

  • Andrew Raycroft- Unlike Bryzgalov, Raycroft has another year on his contract after this. Some would see that as a positive if he were to be used as a starter, but at 2 mil he'd be an expensive back up. Since his Calder season a few years ago he's been less than reliable. We're certain for the right price that Toronto would unload him to anyone in the East or elsewhere

  • Jaroslav Halak- Hardly has proven much yet, but the Montreal prospect's name always seems to come up when the discussion of goalies is mentioned. He didn't make the team out of training camp. Losing the backup job to the Habs top goalie prospect Carey Price. Fueling trade rumours. From what we've heard he didn't take the demotion well and it has showed in his few starts in the AHL. Not enhancing his trade value!

2) From there the list gets quite uneven. There are a few goalies playing over in Europe, but its not known if any could be freed from their deals(or even if they'd want to be) to come back to North America. (Or if they'd be wanted!)

  • Ed Belfour Would anyone want to take a chance on him ? Sure he had a very good season for Florida last year , but he's no spring chicken at 42. Add to that his checkered past Currently he's playing with Leksand, a second-division club in Sweden. He might not be a bad option for a team like LA, who currently have NO legit goalie on their roster

  • Curtis Joseph- Another aging former star. Unlike Belfour he is not currently playing in Europe. Its unknown how well he is staying in game shape. Though we hear he is still in the southwest working out regularly. He had decent numbers for a bad Coyotes last year. The 40 year old has not been involved in any Belfour-like legal mishaps though. We believe he'd make a nice back up for a team like Pittsburgh

3) Thats quite a short list. Therefore the vast majority of teams may to continue to play with their rosters as is, and hope that either their current tenders step up or like the Canadians they develop their own goalies and have them be ready immediately.



I like your idea of the pens getting Joseph as a back up to Fleury. The kid could probably use the vet as a mentor and help with the pressure. He has to be an upgrade over Sabourin
I don't like Raycroft even as a backup. If I were a GM i wouldn't pay anything for him. same for Halak. You know if I was Lombardi I would give Belfour a call. Could he be any worse than their current collection of sieves?

Jibblescribbits said...

Theo's available. No money down! Everyone's Pre-approved.


1) LOL!! Get it while its hot. Well its not been 'hot' in a LONG time!
Bargain basement prices huh? LOL

Antzmarching said...

Is that a pic of Stacey Schnall shopping, Faux?

With regard to your post, I agree with Vlad in that the Pens could use an adequate backup to Fleury... A backup, who would be ready to take over the number one spot at moment's notice... I really like Pittsburgh's mix of young and veteran players - Recchi, Roberts, Gonchar, and Sydor are perfect for bringing these new stars along... However, as I have been saying for some time, their success will be limited based on Fleury's inconsistent and generally average performances... I overheard some Pens fans Saturday night in the beer line at the Verizon Center, and they were less than complimentary toward Fleury, basically stating what I just noted...

Stacy Schnall said...

Ant man. That pichure aint me. i wuldn't be cawt dead whearing that outfit. and what is it wit you anyways? You got a thing fa me or something? It aint gonna work. You aint gonna get with me.

shuck-a-luck said...

Interesting that the responses seem to come in bunches here. It was quiet, now there are 7. Amazing

So what is this other method of tracking your hits that you use faux? Why don't you publish that one too?

Just all very interesting.


1) Shuck: any hockey related questions/comments? E-mail us privately for answers to non-hockey questions
2) Stacy: We never said it was you. Please confine comments to the topic/hockey. If you have a beef with Antz, e-mail/ignore him. Thanks.


1) Hey Hawk at least read the other responses. Your buddy Shuck-a-luck asked the same question about our tracking method.
2) The reason we have not posted a rumor-related post in a while is because simply this time of year there are very few deals being discussed that are imminent.
3)Sure there are discussions among GM's. One of our more reliable sources (an asst GM with an Eastern Conference team) has told us recently that his boss talk with other GM's almost daily. Mostly to get what he called "the lay of the land" (see what's available, and what others may want/offer later in the season)
4) BTW, any usage of the stolen blogs from Stacey and the others you took last winter will always be deleted. Stacy: Feel free to continue to give your opinions here unfettered (with out fear). We're told the manner in which he used to steal our, your and many others' blog ID's is no longer available.

Antzmarching said...

Hey Faux, STOP YOUR LIES!!! or change your blog name to REAL RUMORS!!! You are so easy to track, stop lying, I can reveal you, quid pro quo, cheater, hit counter tally is a lie, tell us your sources, what room number in Italy, there was no Dr. in Edmonton, how about your fake city tour, hit counter is a fraud, stop lying, you deceitful fake, I speak the truth, screw the vets, Jintzie is a lie, stop lying!!!

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