Friday, November 2, 2007

Division Power Rankings!

1) Some may recall we did this last season. We got some good/positive feedback from readers so FAUXRUMORS asked us to again to draw up a post detailing/rating the 6 NHL divisions. While its impossible to scientifically determine which of the 6 NHL divisions is the best/worst, we thought it would be interesting to explore the issue and come up with our own admittedly subjective opinion on why each division is rated where we believe it is.

2) Just an aside we HATE the usage of the current bland division names. Sure it helps fans understand the geographical location of the teams residing in the division, but the old names gave the NHL more flare and was unique to the game. Therefore we will add a little something to this post; First giving the 'old'/previous division names(where applicable) using the current names, then adding our own idea of what the division should be called.

3) Here is our 'Power Rankings' of Divisions. Explanation to follow:

  • (Adams) Northeast {Imlach} No huge surprise here. The division that supports the Presidents Trophy winner as well as the Stanly Cup runner up was supposed to be tough. Thus far no team is below .500. The weakest team right now are the Sabres. Boston is off to an impressive start, and the Habs special teams don't seem to miss the overpaid/hurt Souray

  • (Norris) Central {Howe}- Now THIS is a surprise. If we did a preseason poll of which was the weakest division, its a sure bet this one would have been chosen as the worst. Not unexpectedly the Red Wings got off to a fast start. The surprise(s) are Columbus, St.Louis, and Chicago all playing above .500 hockey. As expected by FAUXRUMORS the Preds have fallen off significantly

  • (Smyth) Northwest {Gretzky} The black and blue division as we sometimes refer to it already living up to its name. After a fast start the Wild are falling back into the pack. Iron Mike's Flames are looking solid, and the Avalanche as we expected, are a team to reckon with(at least on home ice)

  • (Patrick) Atlantic {Patrick} If one were to look at the division compared with last year it appears upside down(Devils in last, Flyers in front. Are things a changin' in the Atlantic? We don't see the Rangers staying down, but it could be a long year in Jersey. Are the Flyers for real? So far, yes. The Pens will be fine. The Isles will tread water most of the season.

  • SouthEast {Geoffrion} No one would have found this to be Earth shattering. Only the 'Canes are above the break even point, and look pretty decent thus far. The rest of the division have been inconsistent as expected.

  • Pacific {Dionne} Now this IS a HUGE surprise! Many, including FAUXRUMORS saw this as the elite division in the NHL. With the reigning champs(Ducks) and the team Faux saw as their preseason Cup pick (Sharks) Only the aforementioned Shark are above .500. The champs are languishing near the bottom along with perennial losers the 'Yotes. The Kings seem to have finally sorted out their goalie situation so they may be turning the corner. We wouldn't yet count out the boys from Anaheim

4) Of course we understand the names given to the 2 new divisions are open to interpretation. We invite you to give your suggestions for those as well as the other 4 divisions. We would advocate the elimination of 2 divisions anyway. We believe having 2 divisions of 7-8 (8 after the next inevitable expansion) makes more sense than the current model.What say you?


Antzmarching said...

An average night, in all respects... 5-5 is nothing to be overly boastful about, but that does take the season record to 20 wins and 13 losses - a winning percentage of .606, which is pretty decent...


Antz: Our collective .500 night was noted on the 'Tochett' post. Its not easy to pick games. Imagine trying to do it WITH a point spread involved? Insanity!
2) Our next venture into this will be tomorrow evening when 11 games are on tap

Jintzie said...

You fellas didn't mention that we haven't had too many home games yet. We have the Kings in the tank tonight. Once we start gettin some regular home cookin we're gonna start to show what kind a team we are.
Have a good weekend guys.

The Dark Ranger said...

Clever faux. We'll keep 'Atlantic'.

The Flyers and Rangers are a great example of flip - no question. Philly's bionic team has immediate chemistry, half of the team never having played together, while the Rangers struggle squeezing Drury and Gomez squares to fit into the Jagr circle. Getting better though.

I see the Pacific as the strongest divisions in terms of the level of play. The Atlantic is weak, with the exception of Philly so far -- but we are beginning to see enough of their players either injured or lifetime suspended for neck checking and Broad Street Bullying.

As expected - and if I may singularly point to two teams, both Detroit and Ottawa are the Monster teams this season. Osgood and Gerber might rival our very own Henrik Lundquist as two of the most surprising backups.

Fun post.


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