Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pre-Turkey Day Picks

1) For our readers in the States, tomorrow is Thanks Giving. We want to wish all our readers a wonderful holiday. Before we get there though we have to pick tonight's 11 scheduled contests.

2) Philadelphia vs-Carolina: Hurricane

Atlanta vs-Washington : Thrasher

Ottawa vs-Buffalo : Sabres

New Jersey vs-Pittsburgh : Penguin

Florida vs-Columbus: Blue Jackets( Tonight's Lock!)

St. Louis vs-Detroit: Red Wings

NY Rangers vs-Tampa Bay: Rangers

Anaheim vs-Dallas: Ducks


Shmee said...

CBJ vs. FL....hate to say it, but looks like FL is gaining some momentum.


1) The team we saw play the Caps the other night did NOT impress. Vokoun looked very shaky. If the caps played the entire game the way they did the final 10 minutes it would have been a lop sided score for your team


1) What an awful night for us. We went 4-7! Even losing our Lock for only the second time this season!
2) Home teams were an abysmal 4-7 for the night! Good night to be the road team. Ironically the NHL's best team, Senators lost on the road (On of the 4 wins for us)
3) The carnage brings our season totals to:69-55 for a winning % of .556. Still quite respectable. Our next opportunity to improve our record will come Saturday with 12 games up for grabs!


1) Oh, almost forgot. Our 'Locks are now 10-3 for a still excellant .769 %
2) Special mention to FR regular Shmee, who correctly predicted the Panthers road win in Columbus! Nice job.

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