Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tippet Tip Toes Safely For Now

1) Somehow Dallas Stars Head coach Dave Tippet escaped the axe today. Instead owner Tom Hicks decided to fire his GM Doug Armstrong today, citing that" I thought that the team needed a change in direction.....I know that change can be healthy, and it was my determination that this move needed to be made."

2) How he came to that realization that his GM was at fault and his coach was somehow exempt is baffling. Tippet has yet to win a first round game in the 7 years he's been in Big-D. Having some excellent regular seasons, but falling in the playoffs.

3) A clean sweep or replacing Tippet would have seemed to be the more obvious solution. Perhaps that's still n the offing if this doesn't shake up the team to an improved performance. The question that will be asked is IF Tippet is relieved who would then do the hiring for a new coach? Good thing the Cowboys are having a great season. That will keep the focus off the Stars, at least for now.

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