Thursday, November 1, 2007

Who Would Rick Have Picked?

1) Big night tonight in the NHL. There are a full 10 games on the docket. Many are very interesting contests that will be difficult to pick, but we at FAUXRUMORS will try to stay above the Mendoza line(.500) tonight.

2) Buffalo vs-Boston: Sabres

Washington vs-NY Rangers: Crapitals

Atlanta vs- Ottawa: Senators (Tonight's Lock)

St. Louis vs-Minnesota: Wild

Columbus vs-Anaheim : Duck

Tampa Bay vs-NY Islanders : Isles

Philadelphia vs- Montreal: Canadians

Detroit vs-Calgary : Flame

Pittsburgh vs-Colorado : Avalanche

Nashville vs-Vancouver : Canucks


Antzmarching said...

Ok, a full slate of games - here are the pix:

1. Buffalo
2. Rangers
3. Ottawa
4. Minnesota
5. Anaheim
6. Islanders
7. Philadelphia
8. Calgary
9. Colorado
10. Vancouver

We differ on 2 games tonight, Faux... Good luck

Antzmarching said...

Testing 1,2,3... New picture... Testing

Anonymous said...

Hey Antz, I'm sending DMB a note. That's copy right infringement using that picture! Did you get permission?

By using it you are saying that the Dave Matthews Band condones the content of this blog or you are saying you ARE a member of the band itself!

Are you trying to perpetrate a fraud here?
We will not let this rest until we find out what's behind that picture and your blog name!
You may yet become quite famous! Stay tuned!

Stacy Schnall said...

Buffalo vs-Boston: BREWINS

Washington vs-NY Rangers: Jets

Atlanta vs- Ottawa: Falcoms(Tonight's Lock)

St. Louis vs-Minnesota: Cardinals

Columbus vs-Anaheim : Duck

Tampa Bay vs-NY Islanders : Isles

Philadelphia vs- Montreal: Fliers

Detroit vs-Calgary : Redwongs

Pittsburgh vs-Colorado : Happy Fet

Nashville vs-Vancouver : Pretendators

Antzmarching said...

Stacy, seriously, are you ok? This is almost incoherent...


We treaded water last night, going 5-5 for a season total of 33-31 for a meager .515 %. We were happy to again get our 'Lock of the Night" for the 5th of 6 night for a % of .833
2) Antz also went 5-5, however this devastated his %. His season totals are now 20-13 for a % of .606
3) Stacy: Thanks for playing along. We assume some of those picks were jokes right? Happy fet? LOL

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