Thursday, November 29, 2007

A Tad Too Soon?

1) We are barely past the quarter-pole and we already have been subjected to a series of articles listing projected NHL Individual award winners. We were at first amused when we read about this nonsense over at our friends at dearlordstanley . He sites ESPN's George Johnson's article here where he makes his picks

2) Now we see there are others getting in on the act Here. We probably shouldn't have been surprised to see an ESPN writer come out with such a story. Seeing that Linda Cohn did much the same thing last year espn.nhl columns.

3) The question that 'Lord' correctly asks and we also ask is why? Is there such an incredible dearth of NHL news out there right now that they feel compelled to assemble this? Its one thing for a hockey blog to discuss such topics, but quite another when professional writers for one of the biggest sports enterprises to dispense such meaningless drivel.

4) We can understand doing this exercise in the preseason to go along with the other meaningless(usually wrong) predictions, or even at the midway point when half the games have been decided and stats are more meaningful, but to come up with who should receive a season long individual award based upon a handful of games played is the epitome of lame.

5) OK, being that everyone else seems to be doing this, here are our list of award winners:

Hart: Kevin Lowe: Yes, he's not a player, but he's done more to get his team where it is today than anyone who is skaing in the NHL!

Norris:Rory Fitzpatrick- Who cares if he's having a bad year. He got screwed out of an All Star selection by Bettman last year!

Calder:Adam Burish: Sure he's scoreless in 24 games, and a minus 8, but his 43 pims show he's doing his job well!

Vezina:Andrew Raycroft. We understand he has a crappy save % and astronomical GAA, but he has to put up with that Toronto media day after day!

Selke:Steve McCarthy A -13 in only 12 games is no easy feat!

LadyByng: The Flyers get the award as a team!

Jack Adams: Glen Hanlon. We predict he doesn't lose another game all year!


Antzmarching said...

Clever Faux! However, I must disagree with your logic regarding the Adams - Bob Hartley hasn't lost a game in almost two months and he won't be losing again any time soon... I suppose he could be picked up be another club, but through this point in the campaign, he should get the nod...

Once again, taking your logic into account, shouldn't GM GM get the Hart? Last time I checked the Caps were fairing worse than the Oilers... Also, has Ovechkin been offered an extension yet? That's worthy of MVP discussion...

Burish may become my fav player if these numbers continue... 43 PIMS for a rookie is awesome...

Kevin Weekes should get the Vezina - he's managed to stay in the league this long, having been a part of 25(?) different organizations... Now, THAT'S talent...


1) Antz: Hartley could pop up before seasons end. Hanlon's days of being an NHL head coach are probably over. Perhaps in the AHL, or as an asst. in the NHL.
2) Yes, GMGM (George McPhee for those outside the Beltway) deserves consideration, but Lowe's off season of offering Vanek then Penner those silly contracts got our nod. BTW Penner is on pace to go 14-24-38. Decent if he weren't making 4.25 million!
3) We like your Kevin Weekes idea. Perhaps he's not sticking to one team long for other reasons?

Mad Monk said...

If you are taking shots at GM's. How about taking a look at us here in Hotlanta. Waddell seems to be helping as the new coach but we are in trouble.
The Flyers are all goons. If Mother Theresa laced up skates with the orange and black she'd probably suddenly become a goon too. Its the mentality of the city.

Antzmarching said...

RASPUTIN!!! Welcome to the blog... I personally admire your survival instincts and will to live... Long live the Mad Monk!!!

DMG said...

...isn't Steve McCarthy a defeseman?

I also agree Waddell doesn't deserve his job. IMO he is the seond-most deserving GM of getting the boot, behind Ferguson Jr.


1) DMG: You are correct we believe, but we couldn't resist placing him(McCarthy) on there. LOL
2) Though we didn't put Waddell on the list, we have in the past mentioned that he is one of the more incompetant GM's in the NHL

Shmee said...

Ha, very fun.

I especially enjoyed the Lady Byng selection. The Flyers truly deserve it. Maybe Alberts can present?

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