Saturday, November 10, 2007

Our Chips On The Line

1) Tonight's list of 11 games and whom we see as the likely winners as well as our nearly guaranteed "lock of the night"!

Montreal vs-Ottawa : Senators

New Jersey vs-NY Islanders : Isles

NY Rangers vs-Toronto :Rangers

Carolina vs-Atlanta : Hurricane

Edmonton vs-Calgary: Flame ( Lock of the Night!)

Phoenix vs-San Jose : Sharks

Buffalo vs-Boston : Bruins

Pittsburghvs-Philadelphia : Penguins

Tampa Bay vs-Washington :Capitals

Columbus vs-Nashville : Preds

Dallas vs-Los Angeles : Kings


Antzmarching said...

Quickly, the picks:

1. Montreal
2. Islanders
3. Rangers
4. Carolina
5. Calgary
6. Buffalo
7. Pittsgurgh
8. Washington
9. Columbus
10. Los Angeles

Antzmarching said...

Well, there is another pathetic night for Antz... 4-6 is not good... However, 34-29 for the year is actually admirable - a winning percentage of .540...

Oh Faux, you were right to remind me that I selected Montreal over Ottawa... Actually (not an excuse), that was a misintended choice, but its in writing, so I will live with that loss... Looking forward to the next nite of pix...



1) Sorry folks for the delay in posting of results from Saturday. We at Fauxrumors had a great night at 8-3, even if we missed our 'lock'. (We are now 8-2 in locks)
2) This brings our season totals to 53-41 for winning % of .563.
3) Sorry Antz for your brain cramp Habs pick. You also failed to pick all 11. Anyway, of the 10 you did list as you note you went 4-6, bringing your season total to 34-29 for a % of .540 .


1) BTW, next Pick-em night will not be until Thursday 11/15 when 9 games will be on the line.
2) We are also working on a new post about a possible HUGE change in the make up of the game. Look for it later today or tomorrow!

Antzmarching said...

Yea, you could see where my brain was the other night - I MISpicked and then forgot a gimme... Oh well, its fun and its a long season - see ya Thursday...

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