Saturday, November 17, 2007

Bad Blood Forces Burke's Hand?

1) As soon as we were told this past Friday morning of the Ducks intention to waive their back up goalie Ilya Bryzgalov we started our quest to find the REAL reason for such an apparently mystifying course of action. Why were we mystified:

  • By placing Ilya on 'waivers' the Ducks will lose him and get no compensation other than modest salary cap relief(Bryzgalov makes a mere 1.36 mil and already 20% of this has been paid)
  • If they retained him he most likely would have been one of the more sought after goalies available at the trade deadline. As Fauxrumors alluded to in their post shopping-for-goalies. that there are few decent goalies that a team could pick up right now. They lose an important potential trade chip, for no apparent reason.
  • If they were trying to unload him during the summer/at the draft would have been the more logical time period for this.

2) So why now? Why not wait another month or two when inevitably a team might need a goalie due to injury, poor play, etc? When Bryzgalov's modest salary would be a far less bite into a team payroll. This what we have been hearing:

  • Since the Ducks won the Cup, starter J-S Giguere has had an ego that has annoyed even his best buddies on the team. As one Duck writer told us yesterday, "Giguere's been a dick since they won". There have been rumblings that team mates were miffed at his cockiness, but no one was more affected by the change in personality than the team's back up, Ilya Bryzgalov.
  • Apparently the two were never buddies, but had a professional appreciation for each other's abilities. Ilya felt he earned more playing time than he garnered last season, and felt that the team, and Giguere especially forget that it was Bryzgalov who started the playoffs last spring.
  • Winning seemed to at least temporarily put the turmoil under cover. For the off season anyway. Burke had much bigger issues to deal with, and the last thing he needed was to deal with personality conflicts among his goalies. To hedge his bets he signed 25 year old Swiss goalie sensation Jonas Hiller. Feeling that he could use him to eventually replace Bryzgalov next season.
  • From the first day of camp Bryzgalov felt like he was an unwanted man. Giguere with his Cup win, and long term contract was insufferably a jerk to Ilya. Treating him like an untested rookie at his first camp. Meanwhile Bryzgalov felt he deserved to play a larger role with the team OR be traded before the season.
  • It got worse from there. There was even an altercation that occurred while the team was in London for the silly 2 games with the Kings. Evidently Giguere said something that Ilya felt was the last straw, and he threatened to walk off the team and head back to play in Russia. Burke and coach Randy Carlyle persuaded Bryzgalov to stay with the team, but Burke told Ilya he'd start to look into a trade
  • As the weeks went by Burke could not seem to get a deal consummated. Sure he had offers, but nothing that made sense to his team at the time, so he told Ilya he was going to wait on a deal until after the beginning of the New year.
  • At first Bryzgalov was OK with that, but as one insider told us, 'you couldn't even cut the tension between Ilya and J-S with a knife, it was that thick!'. It all came to a head we're told last weekend. After a practice Ilya stormed off and called his agent, who in turn informed the Ducks they had 10 days to either trade his client or waive him else Bryzgalov was going to back to Russia to play on his old team, Tolyatti Lada who were eager to get back his services.
  • Burke had little choice but to quickly field what offers he could, but the word was out, and no GM was going to help out the fiery Burke at his time of need, so Burke did what he had to, placed Bryzgalov on waivers and promote Hiller from the AHL to back up Giguere.

3) As more information becomes available we will of course send it along here. As always, keep it here for all the latest!


The Co-Pilot said...

Any word Faux if the lack of a trade partner has to do with the other Gm's hating Burke? I mean, how could anyone like him? He acts like his shit doesn't stink. I didn't like that Bryzgalov shut us out last night, but laughed my ass off that the Ducks got nothing for him.

Ron said...

This pisses me off. Couldn't Shero have offered Buyrke a 2nd or 3rd round pick for Bryzgalov? I mean its not like he's gonna puch us against the cap. We don't have to keep him, but he's beter than what we have in goal right now. Do we have to miss the playoffs this year to show the idiots in our front office that Fleury aint the answer. a least he isn't right now. Send him down to Scranton!

shuck-a-luck said...

Yet another feud among players huh faux?

Seems we get a post like this every other weeks with nothing to back it up and nothing ever comes out about it except here from your vivid imagination

Just gives us ONE bit of proof that any of this happened. A name maybe?

Perhaps things happpend the way they did, because of the reasons that were expalained by the people who would ACTUALLY KNOW.

So who will we read next is in a big feud? I'm sure another dumb post wil happen next month about another bitter struggle among team mates that ONLY you know about. Oh, yes and your Sources". HAHA


1)Firstly many lauds for Fr2 in getting out this amazing story that we had not heard even from our own sources. Great job guys!
2) Pilot: Well one of our favourite sources an Eastern Conference asst. GM told us as much when we inquired. Brian didn't help his cause when he launched his Lowe tirade. While many actually agreed with Burke, they didn't like the public way he handled it
3) Ron; You and several others E-mailed us asking if their teams had offers on the table. That's the strange aspect of this whole affair; Burke seemed to prefer to simply unload Bryzgalov for nothing then to take a mid late round draft pick. Some have speculated that this would have left some to think he was an easy mark in trade negotiations later on.
4) Shuck: We, as always appreciate your input, but your insistence on simply being contrarien for the sake of it, is getting old. We, as always, stand by our well placed and VERY reliable sources!

Duncan N. Komani said...

I don't understand. The man turned down offers because he felt them to be beneath his standard? This Burke appears to be a starnge man indeed. He's either smart like a fox, or too stubborn for his own good

The Dark Ranger said...

He is one truly stubborn businessman. Good for him. He has a tough enough time recovering this team thus far, let alone having to deal with pissy goalkeepers. Giggy hasn't played well enough to have personality issues with competing goalies -- he better watch out as there may be a Gerber, Osgood or perhaps a Valiquette going West.


Zulu as Kono said...

I understand where ya coming from man, but I trust the boss here in LA. Burke is da man here. he brought us a Cup. he can do and say what he wants bruther! As long as Giggy does the job in net the back up don't matter anyways.


1) TDR: Giguere has a Cup so we guess he feels he's the next coming of Ptrick Roy or something. LOL
2) Kono: Your point of view is valid. Winning tends to erase all memory of mistakes. Only to a point of course.

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