Saturday, October 20, 2007

Todays Slate/Predictions

1) As per requests, we will dispense with scores, but just give the projected winner of each game.

2) Chicago @ Toronto: Maple Leafs

Buffalo @ Montreal: Canadiens

Florida @ Ottawa: Senators (Our lock of the night!)

Edmonton @ Calgary: Flame

NYR @ Boston @ Rangers

New Jersey @ NYI: Devils

Carolina @ Philly: Philly

Pittsburgh @ Washington: Caps

Atlanta @ TB: Tampa Bay

Anaheim @ Dal: Dallas

Minnesota @ St. Louis: Wild

Detroit @ Phoenix: RedWings

Nashville @ SJ: Sharks



1) The results:
Chicago @ Toronto: Maple Leafs WRONG

Buffalo @ Montreal: Canadiens CORRECT

Florida @ Ottawa: Senators (Our lock of the night!)CORRECT

Edmonton @ Calgary: Flame CORRECT
NYR @ Boston @ Rangers WRONG

New Jersey @ NYI: Devils WRONG

Carolina @ Philly: Philly CORRECT

Pittsburgh @ Washington: Caps WRONG

Atlanta @ TB: Tampa Bay CORRECT

Anaheim @ Dal: Dallas CORRECT

Minnesota @ St. Louis: Wild CORRECT

Detroit @ Phoenix: RedWings CORRECT

Nashville @ SJ: Sharks CORRECT
2) Thats 9 of 13 for a winning % of .692
3) Add that to our previous 6-3 we are now 15 correct and 7 wrong for a batting average of .682. Not shabby!

shuck-a-luck said...

Looks like things are pretty slow over here Faux? No one seems to be playing along

I knew things were getting lame. Thats why I haven't been posting here as much. What no rumors to pass along anymore?


1) Thanks for your concern Shuck. We didn't expect our bi weekly prediction post would elicit a huge response, but from looking at the counter traffic is as busy as before, thanks.
2) As for your question, ironically we ARE working on a rumor post. Not sure if it will be out today or tomorrow. As always stay tuned!

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