Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Deal Here!

1) We figured that picture would get some attention. LOL Anyway, after much discussion among the members of the FAUXRUMORS Group, LLC we have decided to add yet another feature to the blog. A a semi-nightly basis we will run down that nights slate of games from around the league and give our best/unbiased opinion of who will win and what the score will be.

2) Of course we will invite you, our loyal readers, to participate; Whether that be in blasting our picks,or making your own, or both. Its all in good fun (No gambling! LOL) We plan on keeping track on how well/poorly we and others do. Play along!
3) Tonight's games/Predicted Results:(Home listed second:
a) TB-Boston: 4-3 Boston (shootout)
b)NJ-Phi: 5-2 Philly
c) Isles-Caps: 3-1 Caps
d) Mont-Ottawa: 5-2 Sens
e) Fla-Tor: 4-2 Leafs
f) NY-Atlanta: 5-4 Rangers
g) LA-Calgary: 6-3 Flames
h) Edmonton-Phoenix: 4-3 Oilers (OT)
i) Detroit-SJ: 2-1 Sharks
4) NOTE: Here's a bonus for those who hate Alex Yashin. A u-tube video of him getting his butt beat. (Carol cover your eyes!)


Antzmarching said...

Ok, nightly predictions now? (score prognostication in October is dumb, Faux):

TB-Boston: Lightning wins
NJ-Phil: Flyers win
Isles-Wash: Caps win
Mont-Ottawa: Senators win
Fla-Tor: LeaVes win
NYR-Atl: Thrashers win for new coach
LA-Cal: Flames win
Edm-Pho: Phoenix NEVER wins again
Det-SJ: Sharks win

Antzmarching said...

Because everyone posts two or more times now:

Antzmarching said...
Firstly, it really isn't ANY of your business (Hawk) regarding OUR Italian vacation, but just to show you that I have nothing to hide, I will give some details... I did not stay with the Faux Group... As I am a second generation Italian-American (grandparents came through Ellis Island), I have a significant number of family members still living in Italy... If you know anything about Italians, you would be aware of the fact that I had no choice but to stay with some of them - They INSISTED - its the Italian way... It was wonderful seeing many of my 2nd and 3rd cousins (some for the first time), as well as great Antz and uncles... So Hawk, there is your "vindication statement." Furthermore, that will be the last bit of personal info you ever get out of me - nothing suspicious about anything I do... The pissing contest is over...

I am here to talk hockey...

vakfan said...

It is great to see that Alexej also has friends in Russia.


1) Review of picks:
a) TB-Boston: Boston CORRECT
b)NJ-Phi: Philly CORRECT
c) Isles-Caps: Caps WRONG
d) Mont-Ottawa:Sens CORRECT
e) Fla-Tor: Leafs CORRECT
f) NY-Atlanta: Rangers WRONG
g) LA-Calgary:Flames CORRECT
h)Edmonton-Phoenix:Oilers CORRECT
i) Detroit-SJ: 1 Sharks WRONG

2) 6-3 on the night. Not too bad! We're batting .667!
3) Antz was also 6-3. Good job!

Antzmarching said...

Thank you...

The Dark Ranger said...

Great picture...perhaps a weekly posting? Ah, you know how to get to those hockey fans don't you?

You are a brave one, Faux, with that predictions commitment...The Dark Ranger will join in on the fun. Thanks for the Yashin video...takes my mind off last night's game against Atlanta.

Antzmarching said...

TDR, your Rag$ are making me look really bad right now, as I picked them to go to the Cup finals... It seems like all the factors that people questioned regarding the Rag$ are proving legitimate at this point...

What is interesting to me is the fact that the team didn't want Matt Cullen (for his salary) to be a third line guy... But now, its fine for Chris Drury to be in that role for more money... Now, Cullen is back in Carolina, being used properly, and he's thriving again...

The Rangers WILL turn things around, but at this point, I feel as though I have overrated them...


1) Looks like as Antz had predicted here a week ago, Tom renney is on the hot seat in NY.
2) We haven't heard anything regarding a possible move, but if they lose a few more sather may feel compelled to pull a Waddell

The Dark Ranger said...

Agreed faux, Sather is a son-a-bitch and no one would be surprised by this (though, most believe Renney has at least one year grace based on his performance over the last two seasons). ...and Antz...last season the RANGERS (correct sp!) were gritty and desperate the last half of last season, 17 wins out of 19 games. I think the Rangers themselves have been reading too many of the pre-season predictions, and we're getting an overpaid and underplaying team of star players (though, some great newbies on the team: Callahan, Girardi, Dubinsky, & The King Lundquist) The whole team is overrated, until they turn their sh%t around. The talent sure is there...

Antzmarching said...

LOL TDR, thanks for the spelling lesson - I hope I remember that for the next post... And, I should know better... With the cap in place, there is no financial advantage... Its not like the Rangers are playng under the same rules as the Yankee$

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