Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Axe falls!

1) In a move that comes to no ones surprise, especially those who read this blog, Bob Hartley was let go today. In the interim GM Don Waddell will take over the coaching duties. In truth BOTH the coach AND GM should have been given their walking papers today. Waddell has done a horrendous job with this team.

2) With their 0-6 start coupled with their sweep last season in the first round of the playoffs the Thrashers have lost their last 10 games under this regime. Waddell has made significant recurring mistakes that have resulted in this team being in its current predicament. We will have more on this later today!

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Antzmarching said...

Faux, I could not agree with you more - BOTH men should be rifling through the want ads right now... Does Waddell actually believe he has a championship team, with THAT goalie? Sure, they have some world class talent, but this group does not have the heart, guts, or character to vie for the Cup... Perennially, as they stand, the Thrash will score PP goals in bunches, make the playoffs, and lose easily in the first round... If that's Hartley's fault, then I guess this was a winning move for the organization...

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