Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Suspension Circumvention?

1) The merits of the length of the Downie suspension aside(For the record we believe it was far too steep) the Flyers attempt to circumvent the suspension by sending Downey down to the minors should NOT be allowed/permitted and this 'loophole' needs to be closed.

2) As the linked article mentions the NHL/AHL have affiliation BUT are NOT directly linked. One league does not have to uphold the suspensions of the other. Not only will the Flyers potentially get some salary cap relief (Downie's salary won't count against the cap while he is in the AHL), they can 'call him up' on game days to "serve his suspension". So they would get the duel 'benefit of him serving his suspension and NOT having to have his salary count with their cap, the majority of the 6 or so weeks that the 20 games takes to expire.

3) We find this loophole far more egregious than the Simon loophole allowing suspended players to play in the preseason. In addition to the Flyer benefits, Downie also gets duel benefits in that he will be getting paid for his AHL work, and also stays in game shape while doing so. We would imagine that's not what suspensions were intended to do.

4)While sources tell FAUXRUMORS that this scenario is NOT a lock, the very fact that it could happen should make the NHL set forth a rule that would prohibit teams from demoting suspended players at any time until the suspension has been lifted. Loophole closed.


The Good Staal said...

I can't see how the AHL could allow Downie to play. He almost killed that guy. By the way i like the new look to the blog!


1) To clarify, we're not saying its a given that the AHL will even allow Downie to play, but it is possible they could OR they could decide to reduce the length of the NHL suspension
2) Anything less than sitting for the full 20 games would be unacceptable


I'm with you on this one faux. I hate to see hits to the head like the downey cheap shot. It shouldn't be rewarded in any way

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