Friday, October 19, 2007

Latest Nashville News

1) Seems this story just doesn't want to go away. Just when we thought things were stabilizing in Music City 2 more significant bumps in the road to franchise stability occur. One is probably little more than a blip/insignificant, the other potentially serious.

2) Jim Balsille makes another bid:We don't know why Blackberry Jim decided to once again throw himself into the Nashville mess.

  • Perhaps he was bored and wanted to screw with the process. He offered to accept the current lease arrangement and not ask for any additional concessions(unlike the potential new-local group which is trying to extort additional tax dollars)

  • Also offering to give the city $75 million (not the required $25 million) if he has to move the team . Anyone left believe he wouldn't? Many have speculated he is doing this to simply embarrass the NHL and the local Nashville purchase group and create some mischief with Nashville City Council.

  • To review: There is an escape clause in the current lease with the city that allows ownership to leave if average paid attendance drops below 14,000 for two full seasons in a row. Current owner, Leipold exercised that escape clause this summer. In short, if the Preds average less than 14,000 paid attendance this season; and we believe its assured this will happen(See below) - it would appear William (Boots) Del Biaggio or Balsillie could have to wait to introduce the escape clause until after the current season and the team would not be able to move the team until after the 2008-09 season at the earliest.

  • We are still trying to find out Jim's real motivation here. On the surface it makes little sense, and could endanger his expansion chances. As always, there is more to most stories than what is in the papers. We at FAUXRUMORS will continue to dig to get at the truth for our readers!

3) Attendance in the crapper: Going from bad to worse!

  • They didn't sell out their home opener against Colorado on October 4, but did manage to attract: 16,363, which equates to 95.6% capacity. Most teams sell out their home opener, but still not a terrible beginning.

  • There after is where the big problems seem to be beginning. In their second home game October 6, 2007 verses Dallas attendance dropped precipitously to 13,079 or a mere 76.4% of capacity.

  • It gets worse. For the third home game October 11 against Phoenix the home 'crowd' was already down to 12,155 or 71.0% of capacity. This has to be an alarming trend, but not one who is a regular reader of this blog should find surprising

  • Their latest home game against Calgary showed a slight rebound of 13,152 in attendance. Still FAR from capcity and LESS than the required 14,000.

  • Additionally those numbers are folks in attendance NOT paid/tickets sold. Those numbers are likely even worse. As mentioned above when the Preds fail to achieve the necessary attendance of 14K/game they will be as good as gone.

4) Here is what we believe is going on/will happen:

  • Balsille's bid isn't serious. We believe he will be awarded an expansion franchise when those are announced in a year or so.

  • The real charactar to watch here is William (Boots) Del Biaggio. As we have mentined all along, his presence within the 'group of local investors signals the teams ultimate destination, KC. We believe in time he will 'buy out' the other investors or at least gain a controlling interest. This will be the next move to look for.

  • The team has about a zero % chance of staying in Nashville. The only questions that remain are when and to whom the team will be sold. Our money is on Boots and the team gonzo within 2 years!


Hawk said...

Actually those numbers are TICKETS SOLD or otherwise committed (ie. giveaways), not people in seats. NHL teams base attendance numbers on tickets not bodies.

Great to see that comment moderation is off! Does that mean you are done hiding from your lies and deception?

Afterall that is why you put moderation on isn't it? To hide from the fact that you create fake IDs like Jintzie and Lyle to comment on your own blog!

Must be almost time to jack up that counter start value again. What will it be this time? The usual 10-15,000 or going to go big like last time and add 100,000? That would be cool as it would bring you close to 500,000 FAKE HITS! LOL


1) What a shame Hawk, you actually had hockey content in one of your responses(the one that remains) Then you relapse into the silliness.
2) We actually mention the used 'tickets sold' nonsense the NHL uses to announce attendance. As we've mentioned on more than one occasion this practice is a farce!


I probably should have left this in the last post but thought more would see it here. As I've said I could care less about nashville and their problems.
Faux, when are you going to realize that its all about the team with the better goalies? How you couldn't see that LA was in trouble before the season started, when they kept a 19 year old to start, or that Boston and philly were going to be better because both teams upgraded their goalies in the off season. The only team so ar that I can't figure out are the Rangers. I don't watch a lot of East confernce hockey, but Lundqvist has played but they are still not winning.


1)Hawk: Sorry, writing one sentence on hockey then 5 paragraphs of diatribe isn't going to cut it here!
2) Vlad: Your points have NOT been lost on us here. Antz and faux had this very discussion yesterday. As always we agree that goaltending is vital, but unlike yourself we believe there are other elements as well.

The Dark Ranger said...

Balsille should just send a formal offer to every NHL owner stating his absolute interest in purchasing their hockey team for $200 million and be done with it! It would be more productive.

The League is shutting this guy out, letting him speak and over-exposing his ridiculous proposals and grand-standing. Kind of like Hawk on your site, Faux.

You are a fair administrator - letting him keep his voice, while providing valuable and interesting information to the hundreds of visitors you receive daily.



1)Hawk: You are welcome to add your voice to the many concerning hockey matters, even to disagree with us, but the nonsense is just not going to be alowed to stand
2) Dark: Thanks! We like your idea about Balsille. We belive he WILL be an NHL owner at some point. The only question is where and when. They never turn down big bucks!

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