Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Why Damien Cox is a Douche Bag!

1) For the uninitiated with Canadian hockey writers, Damian Cox (his last name is quite appropriate, but we digress) is a writer for Toronto Star. He seems to enjoy creating controversy. Most likely to sell papers, which we have no problem with. However his latest rant he went a bit over the line in our opinion. (Story linked). The gist of the story was to denigrate the incoming NHLPA leader, Paul Kelly .

2) He had several notes in these few paragraphs that we take issue with. In no particular order.

  • Another gratuitous jab at fighting. The new NHLPA head stated (and about 90+% of hockey fans agree) that fighting should continue. Mr Cox states that this view makes Kelley "...a bit of closet Neanderthal...". We guess that Mr. Cocks also believes that any fan who enjoys that aspect of the game is also not a fully developed human? Screw You Damien! How about this doozy:"...In the background the two pugilists, were about a dozen fans, one of whom was clapping and the rest of whom were sitting impassively, as engaged as if they were watching somebody execute a three-point turn." Not sure where Cox was watching this fight, but we can never recall fans being 'impassive' while a fight was on going. Perhaps Damien should go to a game outside of press box now and then!

  • Making subtle Anti-American innuendo: We know quite a few folks across the border so we know the Cox anti-American view is not rare, but thankfully not a majority opinion. He somehow ties the nationality of the commissioner, NHLPA head, and their assts as somehow a reason that the league is in its current predicaments,and why Canada won't get an expansion team. Hey Damien, the last 2 Canadian heads of the NHLPA are felons! Yeah, lets have more of that. While we agree a replacement of Gary Bettman would be welcomed, its not his nationality that makes him incompetent. What, miss John Ziegler's amazing leadership??

3) We on the other hand unlike the likes of Mr. Cox and Stan Fischler, etc will allow Mr. Kelley time in his new role before passing judgement. So far though we like what we hear from him. He appears to be neither confrontational, nor submissive to the NHL either. As he is supposed to be; The players advocate.

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Antzmarching said...

B/c its so easy and so much fun... Although, credit where it is due - Hawk, you periodically succeed in turning attention away from hockey and toward your agenda... It wasn't easy for me to compliment you there, but nevertheless, you HAVE earned it...

Pens tonight, Faux...

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