Monday, October 15, 2007

Power Rankings- 10/15

1) We're baaaack!!! We at FAUXRUMORS2 has been quite silent this off season. After our blog vacation, we were very happy to host in Italy, we layed low for the most part. Taking a few additional non-blog vacations in the Islands. Anyway, enough of "what we did this summer". Its time to get back to NHL hockey!

2) Again, thanks for having us back here to contribute. . We were again asked to formulate our Power Rankings for the blog. It seems it has become super popular to do this that almost every other hockey blog now employs some sort of Power rankings. This of course is fine. The more opinion the better we always say.

3) Unlike others we will only do this monthly. Any sooner in our opinion wouldn't give a full view of any possible trends. To that end we will admit that this first edition is a combination of early results with preseason predictions/rankings. Anyway here it is:

  • 1 Ottawa Senators- No real surprise to see the Senators at the top of the Power rankings. They were a preseason favourite for most to win the East. Despite missing starting goalie ray Emery, Gerber has filled in and looked every bit as good as Puce suit Ray.

  • 2 Minnesota Wild- A bit of a surprise to see the Wild this high. Undefeated after 5 games. Winning an impressive shut out in the pond last evening. If they can stay healthy for once, they might perhaps combine their traditional strangling defense with good offensive numbers to remain a top West team. So far, so good! Stay tuned.

  • 3 Carolina Hurricanes- Expected by many to be better this season, so far the canes have gotten off to a good start. Winning 3 of 4 on a tough road trip to start the season. Many have forgotten already that this is basically the same team that won it all only 16 months ago.

  • 4 Philadelphia Flyers- Despite 2 lengthy suspensions to the team resume, they did well in their western Canada foray to start the year and won the home opener. Too early to say for sure yet if they are 'back in a vengeance', but they are already off to a much better start than this time last year!

  • 5 Detroit Red Wing- Team Red Wing as expected is off to a good start. Their PP is looking awesome in the early going. As always the key to team geriatric will be their health.

  • 6 Boston Bruins- - Most would not have predicted a placement of the B's this high at any point in the season. Its early, but the Bruins have looked fairly good. All this despite having yet to play a home game. Their PP has especially looked lethal. Good thing as their PK hasn't been too efficient yet. All in all, they have to be satisfied thus far

  • 7 Washington Capitals- The boys from the Beltway got off to a fast start only to lose their last 2 road games to teams expected to be in the playoff race. If they want to finally get back to the post season they will have to beat those teams. Still, they have shown they are a team to be reckoned with and not taken lightly

  • 8 Montreal Canadians- So far in their mere 4 games the Habs have looked fairly good. They won with their prized goalie prospect Price, and could use another goalie prospect, Harlock as a trade chip later this season.

  • 9 San Jose Shark- Have looked a bit uneven at times, but had a decent enough 4 game west Canadian road swing to start the year. They have all the horses to be the team to beat, and we fully expect they'll rise to the occasion.

  • 10 St. Louis Blue- Despite their anemic PP the Blues have started fairly well. 19-year-old blue liner Erik Johnson has so far looked poised and every bit the player the Blues anticipated, though one must remember he is still a teen and prone to rookie mistakes.

  • 11 TB Lightning- Reeled off 3 nice home wins before losing their first road game in Florida 2 nights ago. The key will be if their goalies can stay consistent. Tortorella will be sure to let them know if they aren't!

  • 12 Chicago Black Hawk- The Boys from the Windy City would be best to enjoy this lofty placement. Its unlikely they'll stay here long. So far they have been doing a better job than many expected keeping the goals against down. Their fans at this point would welcome a season hovering near .500!

  • 13 Anaheim Duck- Very tough start for the champs. After their European adventure they stayed on the road and lost a couple more there before returning to the Pond. Another loss tonight plummets them into the double digits of our rankings. We don't see them staying here long.

  • 14 Vancouver Canuck- Just about where we'd have expected to find the Vancouver sextant. Playing better on the road than in front of the home folks so far.

  • 15 Colorado Avalanche- Just the opposite of the Canucks, the Avs have been lights out at home, but have dropped their first 2 on the road. Paul Stastny is asking 'what sophomore slump?'

  • 16 NY Islanders- Got off to a nice/unexpected start beating the reigning Presidents trophy winner Sabres back to back to start the year. Since, they have gone 1-3. Which team is the real isles? Probably more of the ladder, but one shouldn't overlook them.
  • 17 Buffalo Sabres- (See above) Very poor start. Since then have won their last 2 in convincing fashion. They still have considerable fire power/depth at forward. They will likely climb this list quickly

  • 18 Pittsburgh Penguins- Only 4 games, but with the expectations fans are already getting a bit worried. Fleury has not looked solid so far. For anyone else not named Crosby a point a game would be just fine, but so far the kid hasn't been on fire. Its unlikely that'll continue. The key to success will be to get M-A Fleury to bring his A-game nightly.

  • 19 Dallas Star- As we suspected in our preseason picks, the Stars are neither awful nor exceptional. If they don't win regularly and get/stay in playoff contention Mr. Tippet will be looking for work.

  • 20 Calgary Flame- Too early to make a firm assessment. Te Flames have played well early on on the road. A possible good harbinger for the season. We expect them to move up on this poll as the season progresses

  • 21 Toronto Maple Leafs- The Jekyll and Hyde team thus far. have looked horrendous one night, and like world beaters the next. Will be interesting how the Blake-cancer situation affects the team. To make the playoffs they'll have to be more consistent

  • 22 NJ Devils- Due to the new arena being completed the fellas from Jersey start the season with a LONG road trip until the end of the month. If they survive this intact(at or above .500) they will be in good shape going forward. So far the significant concern is Marty has not played to his capability yet

  • 23 Florida Panthers- Much like the Leafs, the Panthers have looked bad at times, but their recent win at home against their cross state rival Lightning impressed. Still waiting for Vokoun to shine

  • 24 Columbus Blue Jackets- Another team that has only played 4 games. Won at home, lost on the road. A continuation of this trend actually would be a welcome improvement for the long struggling franchise

  • 25 NY Rangers- We never would have expected the Blueshirts to be this far down in our poll, but after dropping another game at home(albetit to the Senators) the rangers fell to 2-3 with a very unimpressive PP. May be taking the new acquisitions a bit longer than expected to gel together. Lundqvist looking to be in mid season form though. We expect them to rebound

  • 26 Phoenix Coyote- This is the likely year long placement for the dessert dogs. haven't looked terrible, but at 2-3, their preseason placement makes it difficult to climb up far. If TGO would keep them near .500 he'd deserve Adams consideration. We don't anticipate that

  • 27 Nashville Predator- No longer the power house team we have seen in recent seasons. We can foresee the early trend to continue, and as attendance also drops the rumours of a move to intensify

  • 28 Edmonton Oiler- Have played decent at Rexall, but can't get untracked on the road(0-3). We didn't see them as a playoff team, but not as an awful team either. The Mctavish watch may begin very soon if this continues

  • 29 Los Angeles King- We can see teams declining an invitation to play in Europe next year as the Kings and Ducks are a combined 3-9 thus far. The Kings biggest issue was the one we were concerned about; keeping the puck out of their own net. Taylor may have to address this issue sooner rather than later if they want to make the post season. They should be better than this. Crawford's job is on the line.

  • 30 Atlanta Thrashers- No team has looked worse thus far. Losing 3 at home and 2 more on the road. Amazingly until this weekend they had trouble scoring. Perhaps the Bob Hartley watch should commence! Their GM, Waddell SHOULD be the one axed if anyone goes!

  • 4) Admittedly the sample size(games played) is insufficient to make a huge distinction between many teams. Undoubtedly with our next instalment(in about a month) a more clear separation will begin and the numbers will have significantly more meaning. Consider this a combo of preseason and early games rankings.

    FAUX RUMORS said...

    1) Nice job FR2. Great to have ya back!
    2) It may be early to publish a power rankings but others have done it with only 1-2 games played, so your just fine doing it after 5-6.

    Jibblescribbits said...

    Yeah I think the sample size is too small, but mainly I disagree with your rankings of the Avs. I think they are much better than 15...but that's the fun in power rankings right?

    FAUX RUMORS said...

    1) Jibble: We won't speak for FR2, but as you and they mention, with so few games the difference between 5th and 15 isn't huge. Can't have a 10-way tie for 5th LOL
    2) We're surprised no Ranger fans have responded yet. FR2 has them a bit lower than we'd have expected.
    3) We'd expect the better teams like NY and Colorado to slowly rise to the top while teams like Chicago/Washington get back to where they belong.

    JP said...

    Thats probably the highest I've seen my team in any of the power rankings in several years. I think we're better than many give us credit for. The Bulin wall is back!

    Antzmarching said...

    No surprise that your orgasmic fervor for the Flyers is continuing... Faux, was this your "shock" power rankings list? I suspect that this list will look vastly different in 7 days... The Caps at 7th is a stretch - did you see their last two games? Total domination by the opponents...

    FAUX RUMORS said...

    1) It was a wholly independent FR2 post Antz, though we are in agreement with most of what was written
    2) We agree that this early Rankings are full of anomalies and with time/more games the good teams will slowly rise and the crappy teams sink

    chompsey said...

    I don't usually leave responses here but like to read what other people write. Man you need to let the Hawk person say whatever he wants. Please don't delete his notes. They have me and the rest of the guys on my dorm floor laughing.

    FAUX RUMORS said...

    1) Chomp: We understand the enjoyment some(including us at times) are having at his expense, but at some point we need to get back to what we created this blog for, hockey!
    2) You and your college buddies need to post more often. By the way, expect to be labeled a faux creation for agreeing with us/saying something negative about Hockeynutz/Hawk, etc. It goes with the territory we guess. LOL

    Antzmarching said...

    Anyone care to talk about hockey? As the Faux-Hawk battle rages, I would like to add that the Rangers at 25 is ridiculous - this week or any... The Rag$ are still looking to find their chemistry, which will naturally evolve as the linemates get comfortable with each other... Also, once the PP gets rolling, the Rag$ will shoot to the top of the division...

    Antzmarching said...

    Testing 1, 2, 3...

    FAUX RUMORS said...

    1) We don't disagree with your prediction Antz, but even the most die hard Ranger would tell you they haven't looked too good so far.
    2) Will they rebound? Of course. BTW we like the new pic Antz!

    lyle said...

    I'm a Montreal fan, but think you have my team a bit too high. Geez I'm still pissed we got beat in the last few seconds to the dam Panthers at home.

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