Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Swami is Back

1) We take our .607 winning percentage into tonight NHL games. 9 on the docket:

Chicago vs- Boston: Bruins

St. Louis vs-Columbus: Blue Jackets

Philadelphia vs-Tampa Bay: Lightning

Toronto vs-Pittsburgh Penguins

Atlanta vs-Nashville : Predators

Phoenix vs- Anaheim Ducks- ( Tonight's Lock )



1) Ouch! If last night doesn't show why gambling, especially on hockey is insane, nothing will!
2) Who could see the champs losing at home to the lowly Coyotes? The other West games were decided by one goal/shootouts so we were OK with missing those.
3) The pick we'd like back is the ranger pick. They were due. Lundqvist continues to amaze! Thus far he is our league MVP.
4) With last night's West conference carnage we were 4-5. Add that to our previous 17-11 we are now 21-16 for a winning % of .567. We will look for a big rebound tomorrow night when 12 games are on the schedule!

The Dark Ranger said...

You mis-called a lot of these picks, Faux! Might I point out our little Rangers owned Jersey last night, and it's not the veterans.


1) Yes Dark, if we had to do it over we'd of picked the rangers. They had the law of averages behind them. We are feelig more comfortable with our pick for the Devils to miss the playoffs this year
2) The other picks last night we still would have stayed with. Who could see the Ducks losing at home to Phoenix. Precisely why we never bet/gamble!

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