Saturday, October 27, 2007

Today's Picks

1) Here is tonight's list of games and our picks. We hope to rebound from our last 2 nights of mediocrity.

Philadelphia vs- Boston: Flyers

Ottawa vs- New Jersey: Senators

Torontovs-NY Rangers: Rangers

Buffalo vs-Tampa Bay: Lightning

Atlanta vs-Chicago: Black Hawks

San Jose vs-Columbus : Sharks

Carolina vs-NY Islanders: Islanders

Montreal vs-Pittsburgh: Penguins

Florida vs-Nashville: Panthers

Washington vs- St. Louis: Blues (Tonight's Lock)

Dallas vs-Phoenix: Stars



1) Another less than stellar effort tonight for the Swami. Seems every OT or So game goes against us. We managed to be correct in 5 of 12.
2) With our previous 21-16, we are now 26-23. For a .530 %. Still above the 'Mendoza line', but not where we think we should be. We'll be back at it Tuesday.

Hawk said...

Wow, you take out that 9/13 opening night and you are 17 and 19 for a .472 percentage.

Seems like things have really plummeted!


1) Kinda creepy how your paying such close attention. Especially paying such close attention to a blog "no one reads". LOL

Antzmarching said...

Hawk, thank you so much for being a reader - your commentary is ALWAYS welcome...

And Faux, your predictions really suck this year... I have just posted my Monday's picks - watch how Antz does it... LOL!


1) Antz: We welcome ALL readers/contributors who discuss hockey (even when they disagree with us) BUT will continue to have zero tolerance for nonsense and/or besmirching our good men who served.
2) As for your picks, if you really want to lay claim for a good record, you'll need way more than 15 picks. We were .667 after that few.
3) BTW, like the graphics, and we appreciate the entry this morning

Antzmarching said...

Ok Faux, you are certainly doing the "absurdity" thing, right? If not, please give an example of how I have besmirched our military... I realize you DO owe me one from last week, so I assume this was a good natured payback...


1) Antz: Of course we were NOT referring to you as far as besmirching was concerned.
2) It was the Hawk manifestation of hockeynutz that we were alluding to. His stealing of Jintzie's, ID (along with a bunch of others including ours), then to question a decorated Korean war vet was beyond the pale!

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