Monday, October 1, 2007

D-Day In The NHL

1) Today is traditionally the busiest day of the year as far as number of transactions is concerned. Today, by 3:00 p.m. Eastern, teams have to have their rosters trimmed to 23 players. 21 skaters and 2 goalies maximum.(Some teams carry 21 players)

2) Though we're not hearing about any potential blockbuster trades as of this writing, there can be some minor deals as teams pare rosters.

  • Certainly quite a number of players who are on 2 way deals will be sent to the minors this afternoon.

  • Some players on 'try out deals, will either be signed(Berard with the Islanders) or released(Muir with the Maple Leafs), etc.

  • Many players will have to go through wavers to be sent down. This is where the majority of transactions will occur, as many players are 'waved', and picked up by other clubs.

3) Very few of these transactions will have huge impacts on the teams overall, but some teams have some very tough decisions to make with several players on the bubble. Many younger deserving players will be sent down only because they may not have to first clear wavers. For others this may be their last chance at an NHL job. We can imagine quite a few jittery folks right now dreading the phone call they will get later today. As always, keep it here for the latest!


The Dark Ranger said...

It is also probably one of the busiest days for Hockey Fantasy participants...

...and Dobber cashing the checks.



1) LOL Get those picks in!! We aren't in any pools. We wonder how they handled the early start of the season for LA/Anaheim.

The Dark Ranger said...

Most just added an extra weekend to the first HEAD_TO_HEAD week 1. Unfair unless you went Kings or Ducks. Sounds like a bad fairy tale.


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