Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Today's Docket

1) Firstly Congrats to Antz for getting 2 of 3 of his games picked last evening. Tonight there are 5 games on the docket.

2)FAUXRUMORS 2 tells us that they are working on their Divisional Power Rankings. Rating who they feel are the best/strongest and who is the worst/weakest divisions, and why. Look for it!

Pittsburgh vs Minnesota: Wild

Phoenix vs-St. Louis: Blues

Detroit vs-Edmonton: Red Wings

Atlanta vs-Montreal : Canadians

Nashville vs-Calgary Flames (Tonight's Lock!)


Antzmarching said...

I was 2-1 last night, taking my season totals to 12 wins and 6 losses - still operating at .667... As far as tonight goes, here are the latest selections:

1. Pittsburgh
2. St. Louis
3. Detroit
4. Montreal
5. Calgary

It seems I agree with Faux on 4 out of 5... Oh well, Let's Go Pens!


1) Good to have ya aboard for tonight's games. On paper at least other than the game we disagree on the others SHOULD be easy. However, as we've seen previously, no games are a 100% locks.
2) That's why only fools gamble real money on sports!
3) BTW, nice ending to last night's MNF. Almost like it was scripted for Favre to win it at the end.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) Yes, we hope to have our Divisional Power Ranking out tomorrow, or at the latest Thursday. Some of the early findings we've put together were surprising, and some not so much.
2) As we always say here on the FAUXRUMORS blog, keep it here for the latest


1) Oh, you surprised us FR2 with your excellent, pointed, opinion piece critiquing Damien Cox's article. Nice job!
2) We also look forward to your Division Power rankings!

Hawk said...

Easy to see strategy here tonight. Pick the team highest in the standings. Way to go out on the limb!


1) Our luck (or lack there of) continues in OT/SO contests with last night's Thrasher win in Montreal.
2) Overall, and as a result not a great evening once again. With 2 correct and 3 incorrect added to our previous 26-23, we are now 28-26 for an anemic .519%
3) Our solace is that our 'Lock of the night' once again won, giving us 4 of 5 for those picks this season
4) Antz on the other hand was 3-2 for the night giving him a season total of 15-8 for .652.
5) Our next predictions night will be Thursday when 10 games ore on the schedule. Look for it!

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