Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday Morning Musings

1) The Conroy deal was no surprise, but its hardly a huge deal in our opinion. Conroy is NOT the player he was 2-3 years ago His numbers have slipped significantly, and his age(36) is probably beginning to show. From a Calgary perspective they didn't appear to give up too much anyway. Lundmark is a BUST and a 2nd and 4th rounder isn't anything these days for a playoff team to give up.All in all this deal isn't going to tip the balance of power in the tight NW division.

2) One has to wonder how much longer Dave Lewis will last in Bean-Town. His Bruins were trounced last night by a mediocre Ranger team, further injuring their slim playoff hopes. Many thought the Bruins were poised to return to the post season after acquiring FA's Zdeno Chara and Mark Savard; The cream of the UFA's last summer.

3) Thus far the team has been a big disappointment, and as usual the coach is first to feel the heat. New GM Peter Chirelli will likely be pressured from on high(Harry Sinden) to make some changes. While personnel changes are possible, it is becoming more likely that a change behind the bench could be soon forthcoming. Its to bad as Dave is a good guy who we at FAUXRUMORS have known since his Islander playing days. Unfortunately, he may be one of those who is a better fit as an assistant and not the top man.

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