Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Here and There

1) Just some musings from this mid January morning. One of the more popular rumors thats sure to surface(if it hasn't already) will be the Scott Gomez trade rumors. We're told from our source close to the scene that Lou Lamarello has NO intention on trading him before the deadline even if he is an impending UFA. This source was dead on when he told us that Gionta was staying put, so we are inclined to believe him on this one too

2)Ranger's beat writer Larry Brooks cooked up a doozy rumor this past weekend. Stating the Blues refused a deal that would have sent former Ranger Marti Rucinsky back to Broadway for forwards Peter Prucha and Adam Hall. Our sources in both N.Y. and St.Louis almost laughed out loud when they heard this one. They both told us that there were discussion between the teams BUT there was no way that the Blues would have said no to such an offer. The Blues sources indicated that Rucinsky could be sent back, but the Rangers have their eyes on/have inquired about other players as well(Guerin/Brewer!)

3) The Flyers would LOVE to trade Peter Forsberg, BUT Peter isn't sure he wants to get traded. Our contact in Philly tells us that Peter may not want to go through the grueling Stanley Cup playoffs, as would be possible in the event he were traded to a contender. As he has a 'no trade clause' Forsberg won't be going anywhere unless he wants to. Significant persuading may be necessary, but money is NOT an enticement to the Swede who is not hurting financially.

4) Feel good story of the day comes from Toronto where they talked with former NHL head boss/policeman, and cancer survivor Pat Burns. It seems Pat is doing well, and might return to the NHL if his "family allows it". FAUXRUMORS hopes the big man is back behind the bench where he belongs, soon!

5) Has Jason Allison been rumored to be going to any new destinations lately? Rumor whore, Eklund recently added to his list that is probably close to 30 teams by now by mentioning Montreal as a possible destination for the PP specialist. When will is readers learn he is a real fraud!?!Finally, We're hearing a lot of chatter the last few days. If/when we hear anything concrete you can be sure we will relate it to all of you. As always,keep it here for the latest!

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