Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Dryden Honored

1) It was a LONG over due celebration of one the game's all time great goalies when the Montreal Canadians finally celebrated and retired ole # 29 the other night. Dryden was frequently overlooked and not given the due he earned because many at the time felt his team was great due to an amazingly strong roster and masterfully coached by Scotty Bowman.

2) However, those of us who can recall watching hockey from the old Forum know differently. Sure those teams featured an array of Hall of Famers, but then, like now, without a great goalie, a team can not truly be 'great'. Dryden used his huge frame to his advantage. Playing the angles as good as anyone before or since.

3) Now that Ken's # 29 is in the rafters, it makes another over site all the more egregious. When will Larry Robinson get his night? If it is already planned, we apologize to the Habs organization. If it is not, we have to ask, no scream, why????

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