Monday, January 29, 2007

Saskin Safe!

1) OK, first a warning, the following post will contain references to union-NHL strife and mention of salary cap issue. If these things cause your eyes to glaze over, you have been warned. ; )

2) The latest salvo in the never ending Players Association head Ted Saskin-vs- the minority of players unhappy with his hiring is the hiring of an independent auditor/investigator to find if Mr. Saskin was hired appropriately or if it was done illegally

3) Some, like union flunky Larry Brooks wrote in his column yesterday that he believes that this move is the beginning of the end of Saskin's tenure as PA head.

4) However, we believe this idea is fool hearty OK, Now we don't disagree with Brooks' argument that the current PA head Saskin is a Bettman butt-buddy, and perhaps his hiring wasn't totally above board, BUT if Brooks believes that this investigation will lead to Saskin's demise, he's smoking dope. This investigation was for one reason, to shut the small minority of players like Chelios up once and for all. Most players didn't necessarily like the new CBA, BUT most right now are happy with how things are going. Last thing the majority want is to rock the boat again.

5) Most feel, like we do, that its time to move forward and stop reliving the mistakes made 2 years ago when the players caved and accepted the salary cap. If one were to look at current average salaries its looking more and more like the players really didn't lose anything. They are almost right where they were BEFORE the lockout

6) We feel Brooks' problem/issue with Saskin and the new CBA was more the fact that the cap limits his Rangers from buying/trading at will. He as much as states this in his whining about the fact that the New NHL seems to cater more to the small markets. Hey Larry, tough! Get over/used to it and move on. The vast majority of players have. Thankfully we believe this investigation will put this to bed, FINALLY!

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