Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Forsberg Follies Continue

1) It appears that the Peter Forsberg situation just won't be resolved easily. We first reported a month or so ago that Peter decided that he didn't want to waive his no trade clause and wanted to use the extra time off to rest his injured body

2) Late yesterday we received mixed signals in the media. Some outlets went with a story that Forsberg agreed to waive the clause so the Flyers could trade him to a Cup contender, while another report states that Forsberg is denying he did that. Throwing the whole situation back into chaos/uncertainty

3) We asked our reliable Philly source late last night to see what he could tell us about this silly, and apparently fluid situation. What he has been able to discern from talking with unnamed club officials is that Forsberg DID propose waiving the clause IF the Flyers would agree to a hand shake deal that would include "making Forsberg the highest paid Flyer next year with a player option for a second season".

4) Apparently this fact slipped out of the Holmgren meeting, infuriating Forsberg. Now what Peter will decide to do is any one's guess. There is now a stronger possibility that Forsberg will play out his contract and go back to Europe for good. However, don't count out the Flyers from trying again to prod Peter once more. What is certain the next few weeks will be interesting in Philly.

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