Wednesday, January 17, 2007

ThankYou Hockeynutz!!

1) As the story goes, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Our frequent blog critic/annoyance/lurker Hockeynutz attempted to discredit our blog by creating/imitating our name then commenting on one of the more popular hockey blogs, Spector on Fox sports net.

2) Using profanity and sounding like the adolescent that he apparently is, his feigned such vitriol that the blog author actually responded to it both there AND here!!

3) Of course we responded and set the record strait for all to see. Anyone who has been a regular reader to this blog and to all the thousands of posts we make to other blogs know that we may disagree with folks from time to time, but we never resort to/sink to that level of discussion

4) Having said that all the unexpected notoriety has increased traffic to our blog by 10 fold in the last 24 hours! We only can thank Mr. Nutz for doing that for us. Unintended we're certain, but that's the result. Thank you again!

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