Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Other Shoe?

1) With the trade of Mike Comrie to the injury depleted Ottawa Senators this morning, will that move finally spur more GM's to act quickly? Thus far, outside of the 2 Isles-Philly trades its been an extraordinarily quiet season on the trade front. Many times all that is needed to spur on trades is one move by a team that becomes the first domino.

2) Some GM's may see this as a small window of opportunity to pick up that one or two players that they are coveting, but were unwilling to deal for earlier in the season due to cap concerns. With the season nearly 50% over a contract becomes a more easier fit into a team's payroll structure.

3) With only 8 weeks left until the deadline some GM's may see the time to move as now and not wait until later when the pickings may be small. One of our sources told us earlier today that the phone lines have always been open, but since the Comrie deal went down, things have really picked up as far as serious discussions.

4) Looks like Phoenix has decided its time to look towards 2007-2008, so a smart GM might want to contact Mr. Barnett about a possible Doan, Scatchard, etc trade. Will other teams follow the 'Yotes lead? The next obvious candidate would be the Blues with many vets who could help a playoff bound team. Stay tuned as things could be getting interesting!

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