Wednesday, January 17, 2007


1) As mentioned/alluded to in our previous posting we have been in discussions with Spector/Lyle Richardson regarding a profane post left on his Fox hockey blog under our name AND the clarification of what we meant by in our 200th posting: ".....we have either been mentioned/sited/espouse by/been a contributor or been lauded by many other popular hockey blogs......"

2) To his credit Spector(Lyle Richardson) saw through the apparent attempt to mimic/defame this site/our good name by imitating our name and making inflammatory and vulgar comments on his blog.

3) However we agreed to disagree with his asserton that we are/were not a contributor/referred to on his blogs. We in fact believe ALL who write and respond here ARE contributors in their own way. Else, as we mentioned to him, this would be a MONOlogue, not a blog. We feel each and everyone of our many readers and posters(contributors) are a part of/make this blog what it is. For that we thank each and every one of you!

4) This does NOT mean ofcourse though that he, or any other contributor has advocated/endorsed this site. We also want to make clear that we are NOT employed by, paid by, or in any way connected contractually with any of the blogs we sited, including the Spector blog sites.

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