Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Second Half Predictions

1) Well,technically the NHL half way point passed a couple of weeks ago, but the traditional point that's used is the All Star Break, so for all intents and purposes we will use that as the new starting point for this discussion1. Buffalo *- We don't see any one overtaking them.
2. Atlanta * - Our preseason Cup favourite. They are team to beat in SE
3. New Jersey * - Marty having MVP season. Should carry division easily
4. Ottawa - Starting to come together, but will come up short for division
5. Carolina - Cup champs can't be counted out
6. N.Y. Rangers - Lundqvist is key, but division out of range
7. Montreal - Not as good as start, but better than they've been recently
8. Tampa Bay - Should sneak into playoffs and give Buffalo a scare
9. Pittsburgh - With Sid and others playing well will give TB run for playoffs
10. Toronto - Another non-Cup year for the Leaf Nation
11. Boston - Big Z not big enough to carry this team into post season
12. Washington - Mild improvement in Nation's capital, but no playoffs
13. NY Islanders - 'Yashin-led Islanders' is all that needs to be said
14. Florida - Will be active 'sellers' at deadline.
15. Philadelphia - How bad can they get/be? Might see some mild improvement

1. SanJose * - Quietly creeping up on Ducks. Will pas them before season is over
2. Nashville * - Best team last 2 months. Will carry over the rest of the way
3. Calgary * - Will win the NW division but won't be pretty.
4. Detroit - Geezers finish behind Preds, but best non divisional winner
5. Anaheim - Will falter a bit more and lose division to SJ
6. Dallas - Should make playoffs despite injury bug
7. Vancouver - Luongo will carry team into playoffs, but fall short of division
8. Minnesota - Back in the playoffs if they can stay healthy
9. Colorado - Young guns and Budaj not enough, but future looks bright
10. Edmonton - Won't be able to make up for long mid season slump
11. Phoenix - Too bad they waited until December to start season
12. Chicago - Another season, another non playoff year in Shy-town
13. St. Louis - Playing better as of late, but will sell off most vets at deadline
14. Columbus - Yet another losing season in Ohio. They need a change at the top!
15. Los Angeles - Gunning for the bottom with Burke!

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