Monday, January 8, 2007

Let The Dumb Rumors Commence!

1) Well, to be truthful, they have never really stopped from some places. The usual rumor salesmen have been at it since before the season began. As they have folks who pay them money for this "service" they are compelled to make up both obvious and ridiculous trade rumors.
2) With the combination of the early trading deadline, as well as the amazing parity that has taken a hold of the "New NHL" we're sure to see this trend of silly/ludicrous/odd rumors to intensify over the next 6-8 weeks.
3) An unprecedented(for this time of year) number of teams are in playoff contention. Many of those same teams are also in need of 'help'of one type or other. The rumor mongers and media hockey types are sure to try to 'correct' those deficiencies with an added player by making up a silly rumor with hopes it comes true. Almost all without an actual source.
4) Many amazingly don't even do their home work with respect to the player's contract status, possible no-trade clause, or a team's salary cap liability. All very pertinent to a GM before making a deal.
5) As always we here at FAUXRUMORS have no one to answer to. No 'stock holders' to mollify. We ONLY relate actual information that we hear from our various sources through out the league. As always keep it here for the latest as it develops!

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