Tuesday, January 16, 2007

All-Star Snub

1) It seems trouble continues to correlate highly with Jaromir Jagr's existence... I am sure by now most of you are aware that Jags is not listed on the Eastern Conference's all star roster... It has been reported on the New York Rangers website that Jaromir was miffed and confused by Lindy Ruff's apparent snub... The story even went so far as to say that New York GM, Glen Sather, contacted the league protesting the omission... It all sounds plausible, right? What the site conveniently left out was the TRUTH... Jagr, when hearing of the addition of Brendan Shanahan as a reserve, threw an adult tantrum in Tom Renney's office... A source overheard Jags as stating that, "I am top dog on this team, and I will not share "another" locker room with that "bleeping" jerk." What was reported as a "snub" in politically correct NHL circles, was in reality, Jagr declining Ruff's invitation... To no one's surprise, upon hearing of this potentially explosive situation, Gary BUTTman concocted the "snub" allegation so as to limit the amount of image damage... Jagr's meltdown is consistent with the in-house issues he has had with many of his fellow countrymen - inevitably, he will pout and destroy team morale wherever he lands...

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