Friday, January 19, 2007

Message Sent?

1) From watching several games and perusing over the box scores of the many games around the league last night, what struck us was that officials were apparently instructed to keep a keen eye on 'divers'.

2) There could be no coincidence that this sudden increase in calling the 'unsportsmanlike conduct-diving' penalty' on the heels of the Blake-Crosby incident alluded to in our previous post.

3) We called a well placed NHL official/source to see if our suspicions were accurate. Sure enough NHL head official Stephen Walkom made a conference call to all the league's referees early yesterday afternoon to inform them that the NHL wanted them to be "extra vigilant" about possible diving, and to enforce the rule closely. No word if this policy will be short lived or a trend for the remainder of the season, but divers have now been put on notice(again); do it at your and your team's own risk!

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