Friday, January 19, 2007

All-Star Snub Follow-up

1) For those who missed it the first time, we invite our readers to peruse the post written by ANTZMARCHING concerning the apparent All Star snubbing of Jaromir Jagr:

2) A follow up that we find interesting is the fact that apparently fellow team mate and All Star Brendan Shanahan was named captain of the Eastern All stars. Another jab at JJ for sure. Add that to the fact that Shanahan has a full 13 points fewer than JJ, AND is a minus 6 to Jagr's + 13.

3) Earlier this season the Ranger captain was over looked once again in favor of his North American born team mate when the inaugural Leadership award was dispensed by Mark Messier in favor of Shanahan causing the seeds of dissension that had been simmering between the two since training camp to become more out in the open. The pouting that Antz alluded to in his post is sure to now intensify further. Hindering Ranger playoff aspirations. Stay tuned as this may get interesting

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