Friday, June 1, 2007

Pendulum To Swing The Other Way?

1) With the series shifting to Canada Saturday, we can sit back and reflect on not only the first two games of this series, but the rest of the playoffs and regular season in general. One of the striking revelations is that Size Still Matters! The conventional wisdom after the Bettman lockout and the subsequent rule changes were that a more open style that would ensue and this would benefit the smaller, faster skaters and the big guys would soon go the way of the dinosaurs

2) GM's and teams that may not have looked at a guy under 6 foot, were now looking for the 'next St.Louis', and started drafting the smaller, faster guys much higher than in previous seasons when size was a huge factor. With the Ducks and their red wood forest of forwards seemingly going through and punishing the Senators, will the shift revert back to the old days of drafting for size?

3) The man who symbolizes this possible shift is Ducks forward, Ryan Getzlaf. The recently turned 22 year old has been a power to be reckoned with. His size and talent giving some Cam Neely flash backs. At 6'4" 210, he wasn't supposed to be such a factor in the "new NHL". However as many postulated back in 2004, players would eventually adapt to the new rules, and old conventions would return before long.

4) As is usually the case; teams try to emulate what seems to work for the Cup winning squads. In the 80's, teams played the open, run and gun Oilers style. In the 90's that meant many teams went to a NJ trap style. Yes, this is a bit of a simplification of things, but trends can not be ignored, and the question that will likely be asked among teams; is size still as important as it was in the past? Thus far it appears a clear and loud YES!


Shuck-A-Luck said...

I think people are just assuming the Ducks are bigger. What is really true is that the Ducks PLAY bigger. The Sens have plenty of size, but just are not using it.

Sauce said...

I think it's more accurate to say "Size Still Matters... IN THE PLAYOFFS." It's clear from the comparison of the regular season and the playoffs for both this AND last year that the "new rules" are applied differently in the post season.

That said, I have to differ with Shuck's opinion that the Sens "just aren't using" their size. (BTW Shuck, great reply to Faux re: Chelios). I think the Sens have fallen into a trap by thinking they have to play a Ducks-type physical game in order to succeed. They are generally more skilled than Anaheim nad they've essentially forgotten what's got them this far - good defensive speed and positioning, as well as qhick breakout and transition passes and quick puck movement in the offensive zone. They're so preoccupied with initiating physical contact that they've lost sight of the fact that the higher number of goals SCORED wins the game - and you can't score if you don't get shots. Let the Ducks try to play their intimidation game. Just ignore replying-in-kind, and counterpunch with OFFENSE. Brian Murry has allowed them to play tthe Ducks' game. Even the Duck's players who were mic'd on the bench were saying the same thing.

Sauce said...

Hey Faux - I just read your comment on the Newsday Islander blog about the Milbury/Wang spouse rumor. I hadn't heard the rumor and I now assume that was the content of the comments that Newsday said they deleted from the blog? What's the scoop? What was the actually rumor, and what is your estimation of it's truth?

BTW - I've always posted under the name "Cincy" on that blog, and I continue to do so for continuity.

FAUXRUMORS 2 said...

1) LOL. Sauce: Our comment on that blog was for laughs. There is NO truth to it at all. LOL
2) Have no idea what postings were deleted and why. That was our reason for posting that silly rumor to see if they were in fact monitoring these seeming free-idea forums. They're not as free as they purport apparently

Sauce said...

Hmmmmm.... Not sure if I get it. You knew that comments were deleted, but posted your made-up rumor to see if the blog was being "monitored." Huh?

Antzmarching said...

My only question going into game three is, "DANY HEATLEY, WHERE HAVE YOU GONE?"


1) Sauce: Wanted to see how closely they were monitoring the blog and to what degree they were 'editing' unwanted comments

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