Thursday, June 14, 2007

Awards Discussion

1) The link provided will send our readers back in time to early May when we did our 'Awards predictions' post. Since the ceremony is this evening, and it seems almost every hockey blog is doing their own version of this, we decided we would repost it.
2) Here is the Readers Digest version of who we believe is deserving/will win the major awards tonight. Go to the link for elaboration.
  • HART- Luongo
  • CALDER -Malkin
  • NORRIS- Lidstrom
  • PEARSON- Crosby
  • VEZINA- Brodeur
  • LADY BYNG - Sakic
  • FRANK J. SELKE - Pandolfo
  • JACK ADAMS - Alain Vigneault
  • Rocket Richard - Lecavalier
  • Art Ross - Crosby


lyle said...

Crosby wins the Hart, Pearson and Ross
Broduer wins the Vezina
Sakic the Lady Byng
Lidstrom the Norris
Brind'amour wins the Selke(again)
Therian wins the Adams.

Lloyd said...

I agree with Lyle. Crosby wins all the major awards this year! Ross, Hart and Pearson. Even though I think Luongo had a slightly better season against better opponents, Brodeur wil win the Vezina to continue the East Bias. Thats why Brind'amour will win Selke. They may throw a bone with Sakic winnning the Lady-like award, but who cares about that award anyway? Also thats why the Pitt coach will win the Adams award. Even though a chimp could have coached that team and they wouldn't have done any better or worse

Sauce said...

I know the Hart is supposed to go to the "most valuale TO HIS TEAM". But c'mon, let's be honest here. It always goes to the most valuable player - PERIOD.

That said, I can't see how you can give the Hart to one goalie, and the Vezina to a different goalie. Just doesn't make sense according to how the Hart is usually decided.

Sauce said...

It's like awarding the MVP in baseball to a pitcher, and the Cy Young to a different pitcher.

Jibblescribbits said...

Malkin will win...

But Stastny deserve's the calder

Shuck-A-Luck said...

Crosby sweeps all his nominations. We had the Gretzky era, Lemieux era, now is the start of Crosby's era!

and who the hell is this Nutz moron. Who the hell cares if you are gay. This is a hockey blog. Go find a queer blog for queer guys and leave us straight ones alone!


1) You lost us on your gay discussion Shuck. As for the Crosby sweep, no huge surprise, and it will probably just be the first of many to come.


1) Congrats to Lyle who got all but the Adams award correctly predicted!
2) Lloyd: As for an East bias, it is possible that many of the voters saw more East games than West due to the time difference but which award last night was clearly given to the wrong person?

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