Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Nashville Nonsense

1) Firstly we know that our regular readers know that Balsillie's comment that he will keep the team in Nashville is 100% BS. The fact that Gary Bettman repeated this fallacy only cements our position about him. As has been written several times in multiple publications, Balsillie WAY over spent for the team. By out bidding anyone he was assured that the greedy owners couldn't turn him down(By selling the team at such an inflated price, the value of other franchises conceivably would go up as well)
2) The only way it makes good business sense for Balsillie to over pay is if he plans on moving the team to a more lucrative city. One that is guaranteed to make money instantly! Meanwhile the Predators are having a ticket drive to 'try to save the team'. While simultaneously tickets are being sold in Hamilton for the same franchise that's 'not moving'. If Mr. Bettman, is an advocate for the fans, as he likes to portray himself (no need, we know that's total BS, that he's the owner's puppet) However, what kind of fan advocate would allow not one, but 2 fan bases to swing in the wind like this?
3) The good people of Nashville, who may not be as numerous as some other cities, but still had better attendance than many 'stable' franchises, are told that their team is sold to a Canadian business man who earlier in the year stated he wanted to move the Penguins to Ontario. But hold on now, he says he'll keep them in Nashville IF they can sell enough tickets, etc. Meanwhile the hockey rabid folks of southern Ontario are told they will soon have another team and 'place your orders now'.
4) If we were fans of the Preds and just saw 2 of our better players 'sold off' for virtually nothing, then I'd see the writing on the wall and not spend another thin dime on the team. Nashville is history folks. Its just a matter of time and where they will end up. Meanwhile the NHL and its leaders(Bettman) who like to say its all about the 'world's greatest fans', mount and screw the folks who by and large pay for their salaries. Great job!


Sauce said...

Sorry, but you've completely lost me on this one.

You say that what Balsillie told Bettman about not intending to move the team is 100% BS. I'm sure you don't mean that he never said it to Bettman. So are you upset at Balsillie? It's hard to tell.

As an "advocate" for the fans, how do you propose Bettman should act so as not to allow "2 fan bases to swing in the wind"? Should he try to block the sale, thus blocking the move of a team to an area obviously foaming at the mouth for hockey? Should he try to promote the move to Hamilton, thus working directly to improve the economic situation of a troubled francise, but dissappointing a small but faithful fan base? Which is it? You don't say.

Timonen and Hartnell were allowed to sign with another team for purely economic reasons. It would've happened even without a pending sale of the team. That's something that's acknowledged almost universally among the hockey community. Fact is, Nashville was pretty savvy in getting the 1st rounder back from the Forsberg mistake. Certainly the fans weren't screwed on this one. But you seem to disagree with the move. Why? And if so, how could you justify those contract amounts with Nashville's balance sheet?

Frankly, Faux, I think we all need to take a breath here. We all certainly have our reasons for wishing the NHL had a new commissioner. But to simply rant haphazzardly against the NHL hockey establishment - as your latest post seems to do - without even beginning to state what you think should be done by that establishment in the short run tends to diminish your voice.


1) As an 'advocate for the fans' Bettman should make every effort to make it clear to the fans of the 2 named cities WHO is going to have ateam. Right now, no one knows.
2) To clarify: We believe that Balsillie told Bettman he wouldn't move the team. BUT we do NOT believe for a second that ANYONE, including Bettman, believe this is true.
3) Better to stay silent then to lead the fans on!


1) Oh, and this juicy nugget from today from Bettman: "I'm not exactly sure why people are focused on the Nashville Predators being anywhere other than in Nashville at this particular point in time."
2) HMMMMM, maybe because there's an offer to buy the team and that prospective owner is already selling tix in another city??

Sauce said...

You said... "Bettman should make every effort to make it clear to the fans of the 2 named cities WHO is going to have a team."

Do you think Bettman has a crystal ball? Everyone and their uncle can see that this whole mess is headed for litigation. And there are so many variables to the equation. How can you possibly demand from Bettman an answer to that question?

C'mon guys. Your not being reasonable. Bettman would be irresponsible to even imply that a move to Hamilton is probable. There are just too many things that have to happen before that can become a reality (BOG approval, attendance deficit, refusal to cure attendance deficit, lease buyout). Okay, so Bettman has a history of coming across like a jerk sometimes, like when he said... "I'm not exactly sure why people are focused on the Nashville Predators being anywhere other than in Nashville at this particular point in time." But isn't this just his way of saying that the process for relocation is so far off that it's silly to treat this as if it's in its last stages? In fact, the BOG won't even be meeting on this again until the fall.

He's a sniveling, smarmy, self-righteous putz of a commissioner. But his position so far is the right one. This is not Bettman's mess (unless you blame him for a francise being place in Nashville to begin with). Balsillie is the one who's offered to pay almost 100 million MORE that the latest financial market priced estimate for this team. Balsillie is the one who's contracted to take seat subs in Hamilton. And Balsillie is the one who's negotiated with Toronto media to give them a cut of media revenue. I think you're just using this to pick a fight.

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