Friday, June 29, 2007

D-Day fast Approaching Here/NHL!

1) Firstly we want to thank our founder, FAUXRUMORS for a great interview piece. It was a great read. Secondly, it appears that this site has again attracted jealous folks who seem intent on its destruction. We have been threatened by the same person(s) that removed this blog in February before the trade deadline. We quickly revived it a week or two later, and tried to take greater safe guards against a recurrence, but Google/blogspot are uninterested in hijacking of this nature. If it does occur we already have taken steps to get back up and running faster, and with all past/old posts saved.

2) Now, for the real fun. Its June 30th. The day before the anticipated free for-all for UFA begins. First, it looks like at least 2 of FAUXRUMORS rumors will come true.
  • Keith Tkachuk back with the Blues. When we did our UFA analysis last month, we had the big underachieving American headed back to the Blues. That looks all but assured.

  • Balsille won't buy the Preds. As predicted here as well, we mentioned that Jim was just being used(willingly) to help the Preds either get a better arena deal in Nashville OR a better price from another source.

3) It appears our prediction that the Isles will make a huge offer/push for impending UFA Ryan Smyth is also confirmed with several published reports stating the Isles have made the center a front loaded 8 year deal worth more than 50 million! If Smyth doesn't sign it before tomorrow at noon, we believe there will be several suitors. As we have said all along. Smyth will get a nice pay cheque regardless where he signs. The main issue with him will be comfort. Unless the Isles can convince him that LI is the place to be, we believe Captain Canada will move back to where he is most comfortable; The Western Conference.

4) The Sabres apparently have cut bait with Briere. making him an offer he HAD to refuse. It was an offer that gave him NO increase from last year. Clearly Daniel will get much better offers from multiple teams tomorrow. One teams we do NOT believe is a possible destination despite the inevitable reports, are the Habs. Briere does NOT want to play in Quebec and deal with all the nonsense that Franco-phone players are subjected to there. As we postulated back last month, the Sabres will make a strong pitch for Drury, while allowing Briere to move on.

5) The Gomez to the Rangers rumors are also more based upon wishful thinking/writing than actual facts on the ground, as we say. Sure the Rangers would like to add the soon-to-be former Devil, but can they afford him even with the cap set to go to 50 million? Is Gomez even worth the 6-7 million he WILL get from someone? As we stated earlier, the answer is no. Also, 'Gomer' wants to go west! A California team is the most likely scenario we're told.

6) Add to all that, we're hearing the deals that were rumored by us and others to take place at the NHL draft may also occur within the next 72 hours. Once the initial UFA feeding frenzy subsides and GM' see what cap space they have left/what assets they need/want/have to offer, then we will likely see those deals go down. One asst GM told us this morning that 'the next few days will be the busiest they will be all year.' Little sleep will be had by all NHL execs, and many agents for the next week or so. For us at FAUXRUMORS its a great time to be a hockey fan!!

As always, keep it here for all the latest!


OilCanner said...
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OilCanner said...

Comeon give us some juice? Who is going where? Who are the Oilers landing??

I like this site despite what others may say. Ek has labelled a 1000 players going to 1000 teams, Im sure he will hit a couple.

But don't hold out on us. Tell us some juice man!

Jibblescribbits said...

I hope you are right. I would like to see Smyth to the Avs, but Drury to the Avs is just as good.

I don't think it's too much for a #2 center either, especially not in the Avs system. Forsberg won a Hart trophy from that spot.

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